About Us

Hi Ladies and Gents 

This site is about a perspective of how we want to live our life. We can relax into our cozy sofa or we can take matter into hands. Well, speaking from an experience me and my husband were on a bad road 5 years ago after my first pregnancy. I was 200 pounds, he went over 250 – lovely sweaty birds 🙂 . One day we said, OK ENOUGH. Since that day, we are trying to improve our-self, our life and to help all people around us. Trust me when i say it – ‘I’ve been there’

After turning that “new page” in our life, everything went better. I was even able to walk to the store without even taking my car. HA imagine that.

On this website you will find lot of articles about fitness, bodybuilding, nutrition, supplements, funny and interesting recipes made inside our kitchen. Like all of us out there i love being in the spot. I have created a special corner just for us “HER CORNER”. Here we will talk about the glamour, the red carpet and those shiny earnings that my neighbor wore yesterday

Love you

Kristina & Dan