Being The Best – Interview Tahiti Cora


Today’s Interview will be somewhere between the exotic Tahiti and South Beach or diving up in the sky and dancing with the stars. From the golden sands to the walk of fame. Today in Being The Best – Interview we have the gorgeous Tahiti Cora Lie.

How did it all start? Who inspired you? The moment, the spark that driven you to pursue the dream of becoming a world’s famous model?

Hahaha Famous yeah may be! Thank you for the compliment 🙂

I am from a small ‘Tahiti’ and decided after college to come to Miami to live somewhere bigger and greater, I was a Brand Ambassador back home for the Popular Brand “REEF” which sponsor everything related to Surfing back home. I was very fortunate to come across photographers that helped me build a strong Portfolio and started to get notice for the different look I had being Polynesian. From there I started my journey and till now following the American Dream.


 Being The Best – Interview Tahiti Cora

Nutrition program. Can Mrs. Cora describe to us, her workout habits and diet plan?

I Work out 5 days a week and my split is usually, Legs and Glutes, Biceps and Triceps, Shoulders, Back, I don’t a chest day really this is not a part of my body that I wish to develop and always because in some of my HIIT I do push up and pull ups it takes care of it.

My Diet …. hummm I have great genetics thanks to my parents and can eat pretty much anything I want all week long but I do cook for the majority clean at home (chicken breast and veggies, protein pasta etc.) I loveeee coffee so morning time I usually eat a good meal either a nice omelet or steak and eggs or bowl of oatmeal with tons of fruits in it.

Modeling World – Likes and dislikes?

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I love just taking pictures, showing off what I work hard for, of course places where modeling has taken me and work with inspired photographer.

I’ll scream if you just try to be a photographer for the wrong reasons (see girls half naked or date a model)

What makes Mrs. Cora special?

I would say my ethnicity being French by my Mom and Polynesian by my Dad, I pull off the European look really well as the Beach look, Islander look. And I am not a Diva to work with, don’t see the point even after been published in many magazines and all that, it’s annoying for the others and you making your life complicated for nothing. 



Favorite cardio workout?

That’s true Flat belly and leanest come with Cardio and I enjoy a good 45 minutes Stairmaster session or Boxing

Recipe for motivation!

I just enjoy Life so much and I wish to Travel the World, learn all these different cultures and methods.

I’ll have all the free time I want “underground”

I wish our body didn’t need to sleep or may be after 48 Hours lol

Skydiving – adrenalin rush, the feeling when you see the world beneath you?


Ooohhhh Skydiving!!! Since I have been Introduced to this sport it has become so much more than an adrenaline rush. THE PEOPLE in it are all such incredible, kind, simple human being, when you become a skydiver you also become a member of a Family “the skydiver family “. The feeling … is just almost not describable, a freedom like no others, a moment to yourself that gather all the emotions at once, in 1 minute (time of free fall) that feels like 20 minutes. JUST HAVE TO TRY IT TO KNOW … and everyone have their own experience!!

Being The Best – Interview Tahiti Cora

Cheat meal?

Cheat meal oh gosh! Mine will be Pizza, Cheesecake and Ice Cream.

What Miss Coralie loves to do in the gym, favorite exercises?

Legs day are my favorite because it’s such a big Muscles Group to workout you can spend easy 2 hours at the gym and can’t even dragged yourself Out if you did a good job.

Squats, Sumo Squats, Lunges, Cable Kickbacks, Hips thrust and increase the weights as the Reps Goes!!!

Biggest headache and Biggest Focus?

I would say my shoulders just because I have a bad left shoulder, after a session I’ll have some kind of pinch nerves bothering me for couple days BUT I AM WORKING ON IT, I’ll get this shoulder stronger

Special moments & Fails

I did get injured several times, sprained my wrist couples Years ago(gymnastic), sprained my ankle last year (skydiving) had asthma when little but all that with time and therapy you are back on track. 

My father is in wheelchair can’t walk ever again but always amaze me by how much he can do with no legs, so I would say he made me stronger and push me further.

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What makes, Mrs. Coralie happy?

People makes me Happy, surrounded by people, listening to them and watching them makes me Smile and happy.

Few words for the end!

When there is will, there’s a way!

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