30 stops to quicker body fat reduction & excess weight!

Generally, for the most part of active practitioners, reducing body fat and muscle definition is most difficult process compared to getting a muscle mass. This is due to the fact that most of the active practitioners do not have enough information and knowledge about healthy eating and proper training program, and wrong mindset that reducing excess fat can only be achieved by practicing long cardio training. In continuation of this article you will read some information related to nutrition, proper exercise and motivation that will help you to strengthen your body and reduce excess weight.


1. Increase your current protein intake by 15% -20%

Although the protein is a necessary part of building lean muscle mass it also has higher thermal effects when compared to carbohydrates and fats. This means that in total we will be entering fewer calories because your body uses more calories for its decomposition. About 20% -35% of calories which are incorporated by consuming protein food will be spent on their decomposition, compared with protein such percentage of carbohydrates is 5% -10% while with fat this percentage is 0% -5%. The protein also reduces appetite.

2. Start your day with more abundant and balanced breakfast


3. Practice a training program for the whole body

Although isolation exercises and training are a great way to achieve the desired definition yet when it comes to spending more calories during and after hard training complex exercises and training programs for the whole body are far more efficient. Workout for the entire body include intense muscle activity of almost all muscle groups and performing these exercises require more energy when compared to isolation exercises and split training programs.


4. If you decide to practice, observe isolation exercises at least 1-2 isolation exercises to be in the form of drop series

30 stops to quicker body fat reduction 

Body fat reduction & excess weight!

30 stops to quicker body fat reduction

Body fat reduction & excess weight!

5. Change the traditional way of exercise cardio and paste High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) cardio training into your training program


6. Practice minimum 7-8 hours of sleep

People (this applies to all active practitioners) who sleep less than 6-7 hours have significantly reduced energy during the day. Also they have significantly slower metabolism and insulin sensitivity. All these factors are key to reducing excess weight and maintaining the acquired muscle mass.

7. Insert jumping or jumping with rope when doing longer breaks between weight training

8. Change the machine on which you perform your standard cardio training

 body fat

9. Focus on proper form in execution of each exercise

One of the biggest mistakes that most of the active practitioners make, is improper execution of exercises and exercising quickly. Most exercisers who practice this method of exercise believe that in this way will increase the intensity of training which may allow spending more calories. But actually the thing that will enable more intense training is the proper execution of each repetition and reducing rest between each set of an exercise.

10. If you can’t orientate yourself for how long you pause between each series use a stopwatch for more efficient and more intense training

11. Increase your motivation during every training by listening to your favorite music and thus reduce the stress and anxiety

12. Increase the coffee intake

13. Consume fish at least 1-2 weeks

Fish is a healthy protein food and is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. It helps reducing weight by increasing the oxidation of excess fat into energy. Consumption of 150-200 grams of fish per week 1-2 will provide enough omega-3 fatty acids for a week

14. Add coconut oil to your diet


15. Drink greater amount of green tea during the week

16. Use smaller plates

While this sounds somewhat strange, but using smaller plates when eating a meal with time will allow the body to adjust to consume more frequent and less abundant meals. Also this will certainly reduce the frequent and regular overeating.

17. Start to plan and make your meals in advance

In this way it is certain to avoid eating fast and junk food before and after hard training. This is also important to note that it is desirable that your meals are prepared with fresh ingredients and spices.

18. Consume foods rich in fiber as part of your first or second meal

19. If you cannot quit biting something between meals try this to be nuts or almonds


20. Watch your total daily calorie intake

21. Use protein supplements 

22. Avoid carbonated drinks

23. Try 1-2 week to exercise before breakfast and this will certainly speed up your metabolism 

24. Use calorie cycles

This means that if you practice too long diet where you have low minimum daily intake of calories your body quickly gets used to this calorie intake. Thus your body simply will slow down its energy metabolism. Therefore, it is necessary if we follow this diet 1-2 weeks to increase the total daily intake of calories that should be supported by the increased intake of protein and complex carbohydrates.

25. Do not stick more than 8 weeks to the same training program

26. Insert 2-3 new types of fruit or vegetables in your diet every 10 days

27. Consume more nuts

28. Buy and use gluten-free food


29. Avoid excessive alcohol use

30. Use carbohydrate cycle

This does not mean that you should completely avoid pasta and bread. Simply increase your intake of carbohydrates in the days when training. Reduce it in the days when taking a break. This route of administration of carbohydrates is a better choice in terms of having a long period of very low intake of carbohydrates. This diet will provide greater metabolic rate over time and providing the muscles with glycogen required for intensive training. We should mention that intake of complex carbohydrates and carbohydrates which are also rich in protein such as beans should be emphasized.

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