Coffee with the Chef – Elizabeth Falkner

I had the chance to have 5 minutes with one and the only Elizabeth Falkner. Before you read our conversation I would like to share few lines for the Celebrity Chef.
Mrs. Falkner was born in San Francisco, where she graduated from the San Francisco’s Art Institute back in 1989. Her carrier started Café Claude – French Bistro. After that she moved to the Masa’s working together with Chef Julian Serrano. You can find more about her road to glory on the following link. You can also check her webiste
One of the interesting things that I want to highlight is that in February 2012 she made a birthday cake for Muhammad Ali. Champion for Champion I would say.

Elizabeth Falkner

When life throws you rock, throw back a brick

Her road wasn’t that smooth. She was diagnosed with severe atopic dermatitis, twenty years ago which is irritating skin condition, that seemed to worsen under her working conditions. Her dermatologist advised her that it will be probably the best if she stops cooking that much. – But did she? NO, she didn’t give up on the atopic dermatitis to stop her passion for cooking. Mrs. Falkner launched campaign “Understand AD” with the National Eczema Association to help in spreading the awareness of this disease and to help to other people suffering from this disease to Pursue their passion in life.


Being this kind of a woman, to stand up, fight and look right into the eye, brought her nothing but success.

Here are the rewards that Elizabeth Falkner gained through the years:

Elizabeth Falkner Awards

In the last 10 years she also published 2 books

Elizabeth Falkner’s Demolition Desserts: Recipes from Citizen Cake in 2007 – you can buy the book here
Cooking Off the Clock: Recipes from My Downtime in 2012 – you can buy the book here

Elizabeth Falkner's Demolition Desserts: Recipes from Citizen Cake

book 2


COFFEE WITH THE CHEF – Elizabeth Falkner

Here is the conversation we had


  • We all know, who Elizabeth Falkner is. Mrs. Falkner Can you please tell me something interesting about yourself, maybe describe yourself in few sentences, something that is outside the standard biography lines?
    • I am working on a several food-art installations that will present food outside of a restaurant context. I am also training for my first marathon, the NY Marathon.
  • When was the 1st time you felt the drive and passion for food? Or is there a “guilty” person that introduce the culinary world to you?
    • I fell in love with cooking when I lived in San Francisco because in California in the late 80’s and early 90’s it was a huge movement to use beautiful produce, local farmed ingredients and product as well as using cooking techniques from all over the world. It felt like an art movement to me and I wanted to get involved.
  • What did Mrs. Falkner hate to have for a meal as kid/teen/ what did she really liked?
    • I just didn’t like under seasoned or over cooked foods or fast food. I was never a kid that wanted fast food.
      I loved chocolate, my mom’s soufflés and chicken cacciatore.
  • Road to glory… how much blood, sweat, and burned fingers are needed?
    • A LOT! – she said
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  • Being on the top of the game… brief description
    • I was a restaurant chef first and worked very hard to be better all the time. TV came later. They are two different kinds of jobs. Restaurants made me a better TV chef. One has to continue to be humbled and honored by ingredients we are privileged to be able to work with and eat as humans.
  • Signature meal – what is Your trademark
    • One of the best dishes I made last year was on a fishing trip in Alaska. Sockeye salmon crudo with kale, goji berries, blueberries, lemon-maple-browned butter vinaigrette and toasted everything bagel and cream cheese ice cream! I make a lot of different things savory and sweet but never too much of one or the other. It’s all about balance and fine tuning.
  • Note for the future chefs
    • Being a chef has its rewards but it does take work. Don’t be afraid. Pay attention to detail and be present. Take care of yourself, don’t smoke and work out physically so you have longevity in the field and so that you can nurture others while doing so.
  • What is your moto?
    • Stay Fit to Cook! Step out of your comfort zone so you can learn more! Stay present!

All I can add is – Thank you Mrs. Falkner for being who you are, we are more than grateful to have you with us

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