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Hello folks, today on our menu we are going to have Mexican cuisine, spiced with the young Chef’s Rosio Sanchez creative ideas. She started her carrier at Cordon Blue, where she got her first training. When she was only 21 years old, she moved to New Your under Chef Alex Stupak – described as a person who knows how to motivate young chefs and from whom she got that push for being creative. in New York. But she didn’t stay in the Big Apple for long.

Mrs. Rosio moved to Europe, where she found her passion for pastry. She started at one of Rene Redzepi’s acclaimed restaurants Noma, restaurant that is #1 on the TOP 50 best restaurants list. Mr. Redzepi was the one big factor to influence Mrs. Sanchez’s development as a chef. As she said “Most chefs, want to push themselves to work with the best of the best and reach the pinnacle of great cuisine”.

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Hija De Sanchez

Hija De Sanchez

But her journey didn’t stop @ Noma’s. Last year she opened her first place… her corner… something to call her own. “Hija De Sanchez

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Hija de Sánchez is a taqueria located in Kødbyen for the entire year around and also in Torvehallerne during the spring-summer time, where authentic Mexican cuisine is being served.  Even though she parted ways with Noma, the support from Rene Redzepi never stopped. She describes Copenhagen as one of the rear cities in the world where the chefs are always standing for each other, supporting themselves on the road to success.

IF you are a fan of tacos, Ice Pops – or Paletas, or unique drinks, Hija de Sanchez is the place that you MUST BE. Here are some the things you can find on their Menu:


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Pork Carnitas – made with braised pork belly, salsa, pasilla, onion, cilantro

Lengua – made with beef tongue with guacachile, onion and cilantro

Questo Fresco – with fresh chees, pickled red onions, guacachile and cilantro

Oh Boy, my mouth is so watery, I just can’t imagine how much good they are… I can even feel the tasty from my screen

Ok so more from Tacos

Grilled Cheese – 2 month aged cow cheese, salsa morita, onion cilantro, avocado & guacachile

Fjord Shrimp – made of frided fjord shrimp, butter, garlic – chili oil, guacahile, crema, avocado and cabbage


rosio sanchez food

Tres Leches – sponge cake, cream, sweetened condensed milk and coconut milk

Hibiscus – made of hibiscus tea, chili powder which is also available with Mezcal

Avocado – cajeta, avocado freeze dried raspberries.

I better book the first flight to Copenhagen guys, because this cannot be any better. And after all this food you can pick yourself a really cool drink which are homemade, fresh and available at the Kødbyen location.

If want to know more feel free to visit their colorful website Hija De Sanchez.

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Here is a small interview and the 5 minutes that I had online with One and the Only Chef Rosio Sanchez.

  • Mrs. Sanchez Fun fact  
    • I’m from Chicago, my parents are from Mexico. I have a very big sweet tooth, and I always have time for dessert. I eat tacos almost every day.
  • How it all begin… the passion and the first approach in the culinary world
    • I always loved the act of cooking, and more in particular, baking J It started more full on as a hobby in High School.
  • What did Mrs. Rosio Sanchez liked/disliked as a kid
    • I always loved my mom’s pozole or her chicken soup. I never got into the pickled pork skin that my father made.
  • Road to glory…
    • Everyone’s road is different. But I never heard anyone say that it was easy. You get what you put into it.
  • Signature meal – what makes Mrs. Rosio Sanchez and her customer happy
    • Right now, people love the dirty carnitas. That and our tres leches and avocado paletas (ice popsicles).
  • Advice for the new chefs… what is the most essential
    • It’s important to know what you want as a chef. Try to figure out what it is you really enjoy about cooking so that you can work towards making your dream job something that is obtainable. If it doesn’t exist, try to figure out what you can do to create that dream job.

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