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Mushrooms reduce weight. They are on the top of the pyramid when it comes to Chrono food. Lets reveal the secret of this magnificent fungus.

Fried, stuffed or boiled – mushrooms have long reign at the table and have become an inevitable ingredient in many gourmet specialties. Due to the low energy value they are highly recommended in the diet of people who want to achieve ideal body weight.

Energy value of the mushrooms is extremely low and they are suitable for people who want to lose weight. According to the program of Chrono diet, mushrooms can be consumed in all three meals, but due to the high content of proteins cannot be combined with meat, only vegetables. They can be fried, stuffed, be used for cooking stews, and outside the restricted period may be added to risotto – from basmati rice, if rice is cooked without meat.

chrono-food-mushrooms chrono-food-mushrooms chrono-food-mushrooms

Mushrooms are containing about 2% protein, and dried mushrooms up to 20%. They are rich in B vitamins, so 100 grams of mushrooms fills roughly a quarter of the recommended daily amount of vitamin B2 and niacin B3. If grown on light, they are rich in vitamin D. A good source of potassium, phosphorus and iron. When we try to clean them we should not soak them in water,so the pores will not absorb unnecessary fluid.

It is enough to wipe them with a clean cloth or to clean the surface with appropriate brush or knife. However, if there is a dirt, you will eventually need to dive them in a water, then shake them and with the cups facing down. By cutting the pulp, it is changing the color of the mushroom so that it becomes dark brown. To avoid this, sprinkle the meat of the mushroom with lemon juice. During heat treatment (baking roasting ) we should not salt them during the preparation but in the end because it will avoid loss of liquid from the pulp of the mashroom.

Champignons – Agaricus


Mostly can be found cultivated Champignons, wild are very delicious but sensible. In addition they can be boiled and fried and also we can eat them raw. The pulp of this fruit contains a substance with antibiotic properties. It is also proven that Agaricus are an excellent source of antioxidant ergotionein – champignons have ten times more than wheat germ. These Fungi are improving human immunity and protect against infection.

Chrono Food

Oyster mushroom


Is a very appreciated mushroom which can grow to 20 cm in diameter. Hat-mushroom is smooth on the outside, while the inside is striped texture. It is healing and is used in the case of anemia, poor circulation, limb stiffness, increased amount of cholesterol and triglycerides, weakened immunity. It has excellent anti-cancer effect.

Chrono Food

Porcini mushrooms


Porcini mushrooms has a dark brown hat and a white solid grip, has a sweet taste and somewhat reminds of immature fruits. It can weigh up to 3 kg. Porcini is rich in protein and is of great importance for strengthening the immune system. It belongs to the group of high-quality mushrooms and therefore it reaches a higher price on the market.



Is one of the most delicious wild mushrooms. After harvesting, it retains fresh longer if compared to the other types of mushrooms. It can be eaten fresh, dried or used for cooking various delicacies. Since it is a little tough it needs to be processed more. It is known for its high content of iron and has an extremely anticancer capacity.

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The look is reminiscent of a sponge and has a mild fragrant aroma and therefore doеs not need much spicing. If consumed in raw condition, it is poisonous and it is necessary to be thermally processed. It is for the best to buy this mushroom in already known places, because it can easily be replaced with poisonous mushrooms because of similar appearance. Contains high levels of antioxidants, rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals.

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Truffle is considered an excellent dessert and a real gastronomic gem. For centuries it was known as an aphrodisiac. It has been proven that it enhances concentration and memory and improves learning ability. Star status among the mushrooms was received because of low the supply on the market and high prices and of course the unique aroma and taste.



It belongs to a group of mushrooms delicacy because of its unique and exotic aroma and flavor. Japanese are calling this mushroom an “elixir of life” and they are using it on daily basis . They even make a wine out of her. The fresh mushrooms are prepared as salads, tea, or used in addition to many dishes. This medicinal mushroom lowers cholesterol, prevents clot, regulate blood pressure, digestion, reduces the level of sugar in the blood to normal level, slows down aging, acting antirheumatic and antiallergic.


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