Cure Hypothyroidism Naturally With Home Remedies


Anise and black mallow can speed up the work of the thyroid gland and treat hypothyroidism. Swollen neck, slow and enmeshed speech, concentration problems. All of the problems listed may indicate reduced secretion of the thyroid hormones. We can encourage the thyroid gland functions, by using medications based on herbs.

The shape of the gland reminds of a shield; it looks like a butterfly. Its function is really essential of our overall health. The gland is positioned in the front part of our neck, near the trachea.


The normal function of the thyroid gland, which, with its shape reminds of a butterfly or a shield, is of an essential meaning for our overall health. It is positioned in the front part of our neck, near to the trachea. The thyroid gland, secrets hormones that maintain the optimal body temperature, encouraging the metabolism, taking care of the nervous system and the heart. Also, the quality of our skin and hair depends on them. More often, the disruption of the work of the thyroid gland is hypothyroidism. In this state the gland is not secreting enough T3 & T4 hormones. Despite the genetic predispositions, probable causes for this disease can be the stress, chronic fatigue, unhealthy lifestyle or improper diet.

Do NOT ignore your swollen neck

Hypothyroidism can be manifested with a swelling on the neck, slow and enmeshed speech, or problem with our concentration & memory. Also, one of the most common indicators can be our body weight, even though we have a weak appetite. The skin make take a pale yellowish tint. Our view becomes kind of a sleepy, we are waking lazy and moving slowly. Doctors can set a hypothyroidism diagnosis with determining the level of the thyroid hormones – TSH. The hormones are controlling the work of the gland, and if the parameters are high, the hormone secrets level is low. Untreated hypothyroidism can be a huge factor for heart attack and a stroke. It can also cause a sharp falling of the body temperature, which can be fatal. The therapy involves taking drugs in order to compensate for the lack of hormones.

Cure Hypothyroidism Naturally

Home remedy therapy

First 10 days

Take one tablespoon of minced wormwood leaf, strawberry leaf, mint leaf, bistrot, and a flower and leaf from a yarrow and black mallow, and also calendula flower. Pour the herbal mix with 17 oz. of boiled water, and let it cool for 90 minutes. Drain the tea, and drink one cup before and after a meal, three times a day.


Second 10 days

In a 40 oz. of boiled water add one minced St. John’s wort and wall  flower and leaf, leaf from basil, clover and parsley, elderberries flower and a walnut leaf. Leave the tea to cool down for 90 minutes, drain it and drink one cup before and after a meal, three times a day.

Third 10 days

Mix one tablespoon of minced gentian and thistles root, bistrot leaf and flower, and one leaf from a plantago, dill and mistletoe. Again, leave the tea to cool down for 90 minutes, drain it and drink one cup before and after a meal, three times a day


Pay attention to your diet

Iodine can be essential for the normal function of the thyroid gland. Our body cannot produce iodine; thus, it is really important that we take it from the food we eat. Even though we can find iodine in the salt, this spice can be really dangerous for our health. Because of this fact, we should use Himalayan salt. Also as an iodine sources, we can use, sea fish, algae, eggs, dairy products and radish.

Thyroid gland also needs selenium. We can find selenium in whole grains, sunflower seeds, brazil nuts, poultry meat and mushrooms. We should also include fruits and vegetables, especially those, that are rich with vitamin A, C and E. This type of vitamins act as an antioxidant.

We should avoid products that are hindering the absorption of iodine in the body. Great example for this are peanuts, soybeans, processed products that contain gluten.


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