Being The Best – Dance Queen Ana Paula Evangelista

Living in London, the muse of Tijuca, Ana Paula Evangelista and dance queen of the carnival discovered the secret to slim figure as Kate Middleton: The Dukan dietThe model already joined the diet that promises weight maintenance for life. The protein intake with this diet is on a good level and diet is made up of 3 phases:

  • transition,
  • consolidation
  • and stabilization …

The Dance Queen Diet – Ana Paula Evangelista


Transition is the most radical and short step: The goal is to prepare the body to respond better to the diet. Meat, fish and poultry may be consumed at will.

In the consolidation phase you can put and vegetables on your plate, but on every other day. In other words: one day you need to follow the menu of phase 2 and the other day phase 1 – only protein. Keep this alternation until you reach the desired weight and then can enter the consolidation phase, where the diet should be followed for 10 days for each kilo lost.

I have lost 3 kgs with this diet and everything indicates that I arrived in Brazil with the body of a princess, to step into “Sapucai the Unidos da Tijuca! “said the model.


The menu of Ana Paula Evangelista:

  • Breakfast – 1 pot of plain yogurt (or fruit) 0% fat + 3 slices of turkey breast light + 1 cup. green tea
  • Morning snack – 2 slices of ricotta (or 2 slices of fresh cheese mines 0% fat)
  • Lunch – 1 chicken breast fillet with 2 slices of light mozzarella + 1 poached egg
  • Afternoon snack – 1 medium piece of fresh cheese mines 0% fat + 1 gelatin diet cup + 1 cup. White tea
  • Dinner – 5 col. (Soup) of shrimp puffs (or sautéed with garlic and olive oil) or 1 salmon fillet roast + 2 slices of cheese

Here is how our conversion with our dance queen started:

The secret of a good shape is a healthy diet and physical activity, but thank God I also and have a good genetic, and I make no big sacrifice. Here in London I’m attending dance fitness class with a personal trainer. I’m doing capoeira since childhood, but it needs time to practice. Not only have learned to defend myself, but it is a form of dance fighting and it also helps with your posture and balance.


I am a professional dancer, registered in the category dance show, which means to master the art of dance, you got to know a little of everything.  Just have someone that can teach you or double you, someone who knows to lead and accompany you. I like to dance salsa and merengue.

Dance, as well as samba helped me gain definition, mallet upper limbs for example, and I receive much praise for having defined arms. My ideal weight is 62 kg and I like my butt, legs and abdomen. “

Being The Best – Dance Queen Ana Paula Evangelista

Where did you find the inspiration to become a dancer and fitness model?

I think I was born already inspired. I am a photographic model and dancer since I was a teenager and my passion for Carnival made me seek the body fitness to display better physically as well as beautiful body, prepared for the parade sambódromo  …


Being a part of the carnival requires to be in a great shape, aside from dancing and capoeira, how much does your day at the gym looks like?

In addition to dance and capoeira I usually split the training between the gym and practical training in the park or on the beach when I am in Brazil, with the accompaniment of a personal trainer, especially in the last two months before the carnival.

You have already revealed to us your diet program, but what about favorite cheat meal?

I think I got used on healthy eating, I like simple and natural foods, the only thing that gets me even when on diet is the pasta. That was something that i always liked even before going to live in Italy.

What makes you stay motivated and push you forward?

What motivates me is the openness and warmth of my fans. When you see that, it is very pleasing. You have the responsibility not to drop the standard nor to disappoint them.


Above we can see that you love the look of your butt, legs and abdomen. What body part gave you the biggest headache, and how did you achieve your goal?

Think it’s the butt, Brazilian preference … I know that I depend on training to keep it always in shape. I know the power that the squat has  for example to keep it pretty hard and standing. Therefore, I gave that special attention in the months before the carnival.


What does it take to be successful in your profession?

I think to be successful in any profession we must first of all love what we do.

Any words of wisdom & advice?

Faith and determination. Never give up on your goals. Always fight for them with faith and honesty, without going over anyone.


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