Detox diet and Morning habits for healthier body


Today we will look into one of the best detox diet. But before we discuss that let’s give a few moments for one of the most important things –  Morning habits. When we take all into consideration, the waking, in a big way depends on our mood, well-being and generally on our health.

We all jump up quickly from our beds, have a quick coffee, and we don’t have time for a proper breakfast. Getting nervous in the traffic jam on the way to work – it is known morning pattern for all of us. But, this kind of hostile way to begin our day can be changed really easy. It is enough to include few things in our morning ritual.



Start your morning with a glass of lemon juice

This simple, but yet, really healthy drink, should be our step number one in the morning. Before our morning coffee or tea. This vitamin “Bomb”, hydrates our body, speeds up our metabolism and gives us the energy. You will see that a glass of lemon water has refreshing effect which is no less than a cup of a strong morning coffee.


Few stretching exercises

The morning is really confused time of the day for exercising. But if we take only like 3 minutes of our time to do really simple stretching exercises, we will see that is not that hard. This will help us to loosen our body, and to shake off our dream. By the way, our body will quickly get used to the morning stretching routine, and soon we will begin to feel the need of stretching ourselves every morning after waking up.

Take care of your skin

Taking care of our skin is essential. The best time to do it is in the morning or in the evening. Since earliest ages, we are taught that the washing in the morning is obligatory thing. This routine should not be strange to us. If, in the morning, we don’t have time to scrub our skin or, let’s say, to use lotion, we can do this in the evening. Five minutes of thorough washing and skin cleaning, will make our skin shiny and healthy.

Morning Habits

Detox diet and Morning habits for healthier body

Take your vitamins

When the winter is close to our door step, it is really important to maintain our immune system on a high level. So, let’s not forget to take our vitamins – regardless of their form. Fruits – fresh, dried, vitamin beverages, or vitamin remedies that we can buy in the nearest pharmacy or drug store. They are really essential for having a healthy hair, nails, and most importantly strong immunity. Vitamins can also help us to maintain our good mood.


Morning Habits

Our breakfast is a must

We are always in a hurry. For a different, not that good of a reasons, we are skipping our breakfast. We satisfy ourselves with a strong coffee only. This is a huge mistake on our behalf, no matter what our excuse is. Our body needs an energy in the morning. If don’t provide that necessary “fuel” to our body to start the day, it is highly probable that we will not be in a good mood and our concentration level will be low. Yogurt with a pastry rolls, oats or maybe a one or two boiled eggs. Those few are great ideas, how we can start our day, and give the necessary boost to our body. So let’s keep this in mind, we should never forget or skip our breakfast.

So please bear in mind the few things that we have mentioned above. Below as a bonus we are giving one good detox diet that can really improve our immune system, and take our body to the next level and prepare it for the upcoming season.

Autumn Detox Diet


Try our autumn detox diet with apples, cheese and rice.

First day of the diet

Breakfast: 3 grated apples dressed with lemon juice and walnuts

Lunch: 100 g of buckwheat porridge and salad of apple, beetroot and carrots.

Dinner: Baked apples and 100 g of cheese.


Second day of the diet

Breakfast: 100 grams of cooked rice and 2 apples.

Lunch: 100 g of boiled rice and apples

Dinner: 100 grams of cooked rice without salt.

Morning Habits

Third day of the diet

Breakfast: 100 g low-fat cheese and 3 apples

Lunch: 100 g of cheese, a handful of chopped walnuts, 2 apples (fresh or grilled) with 2 teaspoons of honey

Dinner: 150 g low-fat cheese.

In the days when we clean our body we should avoid coffee, strong tea. Green tea and other, light herbal teas can be very useful. Between meals we can eat green apples as a snack. While on the detox diet with apples we should avoid kefir and yogurt.

Try to remember these morning habits. Stay Healthy & Strong


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