The Ultimate Youth Formula

Throughout the year’s human race has been seeking for the eternal life. Is it possible? NO.
Everyone who has been wondering about the “Holy Grail” if it exists or not …. Well it’s just another fairytale.


This article is not about living FOREVER it’s about living a long and healthy life. Lots of ancient civilization used different kinds of food to maintain their body and soul healthy.
Here are some good tips from our ancestor that can help us maintain our “youth” as long as possible.


Japanese Yomogi has been considered to be one of the best herbs out there because of his health benefits. This herb is rich in chlorophyll, which has been known of its powerful detoxification effect and being the one of the most used anti-aging foods. Anti-Aging? Are we going to live forever just by taking one cup of tea? Well again NO, but we can be sure that our body will be way healthier.


Bupleuri Radix

According to a lot of researches done, the Bupleuri Radix or commonly known Saiko herb has anti-inflammatory effect. Still looking to take a pill or 2? Well I’m not. This powerful herb also can regulate the immune system, and belive it or not can manage asthma symptoms. When it comes to asthma it is well known that this disease has been treated with corticosteroids. Well they help, no one stands against that, but all corticosteroids have side effects, the herb DOES NOT.

Bupleuri Radix

Guizhi Fuling San

Every single one of us has heard about Guizhi Fuling San… Well I guess this is the 1st time some of us are hearing about that… but we heard and use Cinnamon and Hoelen almost every single day… Well same thing. This magical formula has been used since the Han Dynasty and it has been used for treating uterine fibroids – which is the most common benign tumor of the female reproductive tract.

Guizhi Fuling San


During winter the ratio of getting a cough is sky high… so again the smart people from Japan found a way to prevent and cure this without taking anything made in a lab. On the top of there is list is the Pickled Plum or known as Umeboshi. Making a tea with this gorgeous plant is easy as one two three… Let’s heat few of those plums, without burning them and pour some hot water in our tea cup. After having this tea, we will start to sweat which is good, as this process will get rid of the temperature and also will cheer us up


S….. O…. guest what this is

HA here is the last one for today…. but not the least. One more thing as an advice …. Spring Onion …. This plant is a great source of Vitamin K, which plays great role in protecting our heart among other things like preventing Osteoporosis. Good enough? Well, guys this is something that we can buy at the nearest green market.

spring onion

Till next time with more fun articles …..

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