Everything we need to know about most famous supplements Part 1

The fitness industry is among the largest in the world. It is constantly doing new research and performing new tests, coming up with new insights. However, most of the people still know little about supplements and their effectiveness. We hope this article will clear some things to many of us.




protein powder

Certainly this is the most popular and most widely used dietary supplement. Also, because of his efficacy there are lot of discussions. So, do we need to drink protein powders or not. Women think that usage of whey protein can lead to swelling and avoid it, what is plain stupidity. Men still think of it you get muscles, so they drink it in unnecessarily large quantities, which is also nonsense. Although the quality of protein powders come a long way in recent years, it still does not consist something magical to increase the muscles in short term. Let’s be clear about something – it is not a substitute for a meal, but only supplement.

Its biggest advantage is that in just a few seconds after your workout, you can mix it with water and carbohydrates, and have a meal ready for recovery after exercise. Which in today’s world full of rush and stress is certainly very important. Certainly easier than to go home and cook your meal, and the ratio of proteins and amino acids is certainly much better than in that meal. Also, we can simply add it to the mixer with the other foods and in that way we can have an additional protein source. The better manufacturers make the powder cleaner (with a higher percentage of protein) so fitness experts advise not to save when it comes to this supplement, because in most cases the quality dictate the price.


There are several types of protein powder:

  • Whey protein (the top seller) – fast absorbing protein,
  • Casein – protein that is slowly absorbed,
  • Soy protein,
  • Egg protein,
  • Wheat protein,
  • Goat Milk protein,
  • Pea protein,
  • Milk protein,
  • Brown rice protein,
  • Protein mix (a mixture of proteins) which combine whey protein, casein, soy and so on.


Until recently there was a believe that whey protein is most effective if taken immediately after training. However, recent studies have shown that slowly absorbed proteins are more effective because it takes a slow release of protein for best results. Also, novelty is the fact that with slowly absorbed proteins we need to add fats like omega-3.

Regarding the question whether the protein powder is required or not, if you are non-serious practitioner and have an average diet and want maximum results then certainly the answer is YES. But if you exercise just for fun and recreation, you don’t have a diet plan and you think this powder is meal replacement, then definitely you are not going to benefit from it.




omega 3

Almost all studies have confirmed the exceptional qualities of this supplement. Not only protects the heart and prevents inflammation, this supplement is excellent in the fight against excess weight. Especially for customers who want to make the most of the exercises for losing fat, daily amounts recommendations are up to 9 grams. However, for most people the daily dose is between 1-3 grams of EPA and DHA.

Most Famous Supplements

Best Supplements

Most Famous Supplements
Best Supplements

What is important to know is that when you read the declarations, you cannot see how many of them are fish oil since 1000 milligrams has only 300 milligrams of EPA and DHA. This means that we should take 10 capsules a day. As with protein quality determines the price and the monthly dose of quality omega-3 supplement with sufficient quantities of EPA and DHA is certainly more expensive.




The market is flooded with multivitamins from different manufacturers. Although most of them can’t be degraded in our body, the fact is that in today’s food there is very little of the necessary nutrients that are very important. Just like with protein, people think that taking vitamins will replace terrible food, which of course is not true. You should always try to get as many of the daily diet, but if you constantly fail with this or do not have time, opt for a better and (unfortunately) more expensive multivitamin.




Whey protein is certainly the most widely used supplement. Many men worship because it gives an apparent mass which in most cases is only water. However, many studies have confirmed the claims of the manufacturers. Creatine is safe, effective and legal way to increase strength and mass if you exercise with weights. However, excessive amounts can cause stomach cramps.

Read more about Creatine. Read Article “THE ULTIMATE GUIDE FOR CREATINE INTAKE”


It is important to emphasize that conventional recommendations regarding dosage (20 grams per day) didn’t show any advantages over taking only 5 grams per day. This means that the second way of intake, we can use creatine much longer without stopping. It is recommended to take creatine with at least 30 grams of carbohydrates. Also fitness experts recommend that we should take powder instead of pills. Companies sell the story that the pills are something special. Essentially they are selling the same thing, only more expensive, because creatine powder is not an expensive supplement. Everyone has a different method of taking creatine. Some are taking it before training, some of us after training, some still divide the daily amount of before and after a workout. To read more detailed information about creatine please follow my article called “The Ultimate guide for creatine intake”


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