Being The Best – With The Extraordinary Gracyanne Barbosa

Welcome to Special edition of Being The Best. Special?, you may ask why, well because today with us we have the SPECIAL, EXTRAORDINARY, GORGEOUS, ASTONISHING   Gracyanne Barbosa. Let give a small background about our Diva. As a teenager at the age of 16 Mrs. Barbosa left Campo Grande, her hometown, and moved to Rio de Janeiro to pursue her dream – the Law. This is how her journey began. Without further introduction lets see how our 5 minutes of Being the BEST, went by with Mrs. Barbosa

BEING THE BEST with the Extraordinary Gracyanne Barbosa 


  • How did everything start, what was the spark that made you fall in love with the fitness world?
    • I did not choose this path thinking only about the great shape and looks. It happened naturally. I always was into sports, also got to play in the selection of MS volleyball. The thought about always being healthy was present throughout my teenage years and the great look came along the way as a bonus. Today I have a very tight agenda, divided between home, work, travel, among other things, … but I will never give up my daily workout and my proper nutrition. I’m always caring my lunchbox that contains meals for the day and keeping my workout routine, following the guidelines of my Personal trainer and my nutritionist. It is very important to practice “self-esteem” –  it makes all the difference. It stimulates, encourages and helps keep focus. I never had a problem with my self-esteem when I was a teenager, thinness bothered me, so I used it as an incentive to change. I always see the positive side of everything and use to my advantage. Looking at life with positive eyes is one of the secrets for having a good life.

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  • How Mrs. Barbosa’s workout week looks?
    • Weight training, stretching and cardio
  • Favorite meal, dish, cuisine?
    • Japanese food


  • IF we come now to your home and pick inside your fridge what will we find there?
    • Chicken or grilled fish, sweet potato and salad

Extraordinary & Astonishing Fitness Model 

Gracyanne Barbosa

  • We all know how big importance nutrition has in our life. Does Mrs. Barbosa follow specific nutrition program?
    • Breakfast – stuffed tapioca and egg whites
    • Morning snack – fresh fruit with a tablespoon of chia or oatmeal
    • Lunch – chicken or grilled fish, sweet potato and salad
    • Afternoon snack – cabbage juice, nuts, walnuts and apple
    • Late afternoon snack – Omelet with oat bran
    • Dinner – same as lunch without the sweet potato
    • Before sleep – A glass of Whey Protein



  • Motivation & Focus. Two really huge factors in order to achieve and maintain our goals especially in the fitness world, where if we are not determined everything can go down the road very fast. How do you manage to stay focused and motivated?
    • My lifestyle is my choice; therefore, everything comes with pleasure.
  • Almost everyone, someone more or less than the others, throughout the week wants to have a cheat meal, does Mrs. Barbosa has such a struggle?
    • I don’t have one….

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  • The gym is our temple, what Mrs. Barbosa love to workout most?
    • I like everything to do when training.

Dedication Motivation Focus

Health & Fitness

  • What body part gave you the biggest headache? What was your biggest focus?
    • The female butt is always the hardest part to get results. So my focus is on the butt!
  • Supplementation is of a big essence for our health, muscle gain, etc.… what do you use on daily basis?
    • I’m using whey protein and creatine post workout and BCAA and glutamine as a pre workout

If you want to find out more about the creatine intake read the following post “Ultimate guide for creatine intake

  • Any special moments, competitions, fails that made you stronger, and pushed you to go further?
    • I’m not doing competitions. I am focused on responsible representation of brands and products of the fitness world.


  • Tips and Tricks for the new fitness lovers?
    • Focus and determination
  • OK let’s take a break from the gym, what makes you warm and makes you smile, what makes you happy
    • Staying home and enjoying my family
  • How much sweat and sacrifices has one to do, in order to achieve the goals?
    • With determination and the right choice everything can happen.

BEING THE BEST with the Extraordinary Gracyanne Barbosa 

  • What is your opinion on a vegan style of life? Supporter or you think its overrated?
    • I think everyone should follow what they believe. Respect it and make it well. It is important to be happy about our choices.
  • How much is nutrition education important to be successful, I’m not just asking about going to college and pick your master in nutrition, what about hours spent in front of the PC, talking with others etc.
    • For me it is essential to have a team of qualified and competent professionals who will accompany me. Nutritionist, trainer, doctors, physiotherapist. Each fulfilling their proper role with all the necessary criteria. My tips are guided by trained professionals in their areas.

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Do we really need to add more to this? No we don’t. Just one thing that Mrs. Barbosa must promise us – Thank you , Please promise us that you will always be the lovely person you are.

OK people those were our few extraordinary moments with our sweet Gracyanne Barbosa. Till next time stay healthy focused and motived. Love you all!!!

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