IFBB Competitor & Model Nicole Wilkins

Hello Ladies & Gents. Today we have someone really special, someone exceptional, a girl who started her road towards greatness 25 years ago and to become one of the most recognized and valued fitness competitors today. Someone is born to be great, some of us dedicate their life to become great. From ballet, though gymnastic, being a Fitness Competitor during her college years, to become what she is today. Without any further ado here is our Being The Best with our Nicole Wilkins. 


Being The Best – Fitness Competitor & Model Nicole Wilkins

  • What is the thing that you live about this style of live – being healthy and fit?
    • I love the challenge and feeling good physically and mentally.  I want to live a long healthy life and help inspire others in the process.
  • Nutrition and supplementation are essential in developing great figure. Can you reveal to us, your diet & supplementation plan?
    • My diet consists of 5-6 meals per day.  I have a source of protein at each meal (roughly 30g)- chicken, turkey, salmon, steak, cod, tilapia, mahi mahi, ahi tuna, egg whites, and protein powder.  For carbs I eat oatmeal, sweet potato, red potato, rice, and fruit and for fat sources I eat almonds, nut butters, avocado, coconut oil, egg yolks and flax/chia seeds.  As for supplements I take a multivitamin, EFA, Glutamine, BCAAs and protein powder daily.  I will be launching my own supplement line this winter!

Fitness Competitor & Model

Nicole Wilkins



  • Any cravings for cheat meal, like sweets, burgers, salty food?
    • Of course!  I am normal like anyone else.  I love good sushi or Mexican food 🙂
  • Sometimes we cannot prepare our meal and home and we have to eat on the street or in a restaurant, what do you prefer or what is your preposition when we find in a situation like this?
    • There are restaurants around my house that I have found that make food healthy the way I request it.  I would try to find places around your home that do the same. Never be afraid to request substitutions or tell them no butter/oil and leave sauces on the side.  Always order grilled or baked and avoid foods that are fried.  Be specific with what you want and make sure to pay attention to portion sizes!

Figure Olympia World Champion 



  • Lately we can read and hear about lot of new fitness trends, for example CrossFit or Insanity, do you have a preferable one?
    • I am a fan of anything that gets people moving!  I am also a fan of groups of people who motivate each other to stay consistent and accountable and both of those programs do that.  Find something that you love doing, because if you don’t love it, you won’t last long.

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  • Sometimes people are looking strange at us when we avoid junk food or alcohol, when we tell them that we are on a strict nutrition plan. Does this kind of thinking affect you and what is your message about it?
    • I have come to the point in my life where if someone has an issue with what I eat and how I eat it, that is their problem.  I have one body and one life and I plan on doing whatever makes me happy.  If someone asks, I will explain that this is the way I eat and I love it.  I never judge others either- to each their own!
  • We all have some tips and trick under our sleeves that keep us successful, can you share at least one of yours?
    • Surround yourself with people who support you 100%.  Success is not easy to come by, you have to work HARD!  Trust your gut and do not be afraid to take risks.  If it works- great!  If not, you learn.


Nicole Wilkins Transformation Program

  • Let’s hit the gym, how does your weekly training routine looks like?
    • Monday- Shoulders
    • Tuesday- Back
    • Wednesday- Legs
    • Thursday- Chest/arms
    • Friday- Back
    • Saturday- Hamstrings/glutes
    • Sunday- Off
    • I train abs 3-4x per week and calves 2x

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  • Biggest or dearest achievement?
    • Winning the IFBB Figure Olympia World Title 4x- the most in history!


4 – time IFBB Figure Olympia champion, 2009, 2011, 2013-2014 winner with the most titles in history

Winner of the Figure Olympia 2009, Youngest competitor that ever won the title – at the age of 25

3 – time Figure International champion from 2010 to 2012

Winner of the Figure Olympia 2011 – First competitor to reclaim the title

Winner of the Figure Olympia 2013 – First competitor to reclaim the title two times

Only competitor that hold Figure Olympia and Figure International titles in the same calendar year 2011

Winner of five professional figure contests in one season


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  • Let’s step aside from the fitness world for a moment, what are the places that love to be, things to do, hobbies, share something with us?
    • I love to be at home!  I bought a new home last year and I am so happy here. Trying new restaurants, traveling to new places, trying new coffee and going to see movies.  I am a low-key homebody 🙂 .
  • What is that one thing that separates from the others?
    • I’m not afraid to take a chance.  I put myself out there a lot and trust that what I give out I believe in 100%.  I am always learning and trying new things. 

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  • Thoughts for the future?
    • I am going to continue running Phat Camp www.getphatwithnicole.com which are fitness weekends for women only, I am launching my new supplement line soon, I am adding new leggings to my clothing collection this month and I plan to continue working with the UFC Nicole Wilkins Transformation Program and the membership section on my website www.nicolewilkins.com –  Lots of good stuff!!


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