The Best – Brittany Loeser Trainer & Fitness Model

I had a chance to grab five minutes with the lovely Texas fitness model & Personal Trainer- Brittany Loeser

Below you will be able to read our exclusive interview with this Texas Diva

What was the spark, the moment that inspired you to start training?

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I don’t know if I would say it happened in an instant, but around the beginning of my junior year of high school, I had gained a little weight so I started doing a good amount of cardio. Lost the weight, but I also lost any GOOD curves I had! I decided to start lifting and immediately fell in love with the results, pushing myself, and feeling stronger.

Can you pretty please describe your workout week

An ideal week in the gym for me consists of a 4-5 day split. My split varies but usually goes something like: Glutes and hamstrings, back and rear delts, shoulders and core, quads/glutes/calves, arms and core. If I only make it to the gym 3-4x a week, I just consolidate and make sure I hit every muscle group at least once.

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What is your favorite cardio workout, or are their more, maybe give us the combo that you are using?

I hate to admit it, but I don’t implement much cardio! Occasionally I’ll use the bike or stair-master. I love a good plyometric circuit to get my heart rate up such as box jumps, squat jumps, jumping lunges, etc.


What is your favorite food, recipe, meal?

This is going to sound so lame but every morning I make myself the same breakfast and I ALWAYS look forward to it! Two pieces of gluten free toast with vegan strawberry cream cheese (due to gluten and dairy intolerance. Use the regular stuff if you can digest it!), a few servings of egg beaters, and two-three slices of turkey bacon. With coffee, of course.

IF we come now to your home and pick inside your fridge what will we find there?

Lots of fruit, vegetables, chicken, rice, Kite Hill almond milk yogurt, turkey bacon, eggs, egg beaters, iced coffee, Daiya cream cheese, almond milk, deli meat… I think that’s about it right now! The freezer is where the good stuff is at 😉 (bagels, bread, cinnamon rolls, ice cream)

Do you follow a specific nutrition program, please reveal some details about it?

I used to count macros (short for macro-nutrients: protein, carbs, fats) but over time have switched to eating intuitively. Since I have knowledge and experience with tracking and nutrition, I have a pretty good handle on keeping a balanced diet. I eat my fair share of fruits and vegetables and chicken, but I am never afraid to implement cookies or sour patch into my diet as well. Food is fuel! As long as you are fueling your body properly for your goals, you can still eat “fun” foods.

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How do you stay motivated, because we all know how unthankful this sport is, few weeks off, and everything goes down the road?

While motivation might be what gets people to start, I personally think it’s important to start working your gym time into a regular schedule. Think of it as an important meeting and block out an hour or so. Remember how good it felt when you finished the last workout, and get in there and sweat! If you can make going to the gym a habit, then when motivation fails, you’ll still continue working towards your goals because it’s in your schedule. We’ve all taken a few weeks off, but sometimes you have to kick your butt into gear, take some pre workout and just get in the gym. Oh, and take progress pictures. You may not notice changes in the mirror, but when you compare pictures, it’s a great feeling seeing your hard work pay off.

Speaking from my experience, we all love having a cheat meal once maybe twice a week, what is yours?

So the great thing about intuitively eating or flexible dieting is that you can incorporate the foods you love regularly without having to deem it a “cheat” meal! While I do still encourage my IIFYM/flexible dieting clients to have an untracked meal once a week, they can still fit the foods they crave into their diet regularly by counting macros. Because of this, I don’t believe in cheat meals because eating is not cheating!! On that note, IF I were tracking and chose something for an untracked meal, it would probably be a couple gluten free doughnuts or a pint of cashew milk ice cream.

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Brittany Loeser

Fitness Model

Personal Trainer

Brittany Loeser

Fitness Model
Personal Trainer

What do you love to do in the gym, name few favorite exercises, and of course why?

Oh man, this is a tough one. Legs, shoulders and back are always fun for me. My favorite exercise for glutes is easily heavy hip thrusts because they isolate the glutes. I’ve had great results with these! Another favorite exercise is face pulls with the cable rope attachment. One of the few exercises that I really feel in my rear delts and I love it!

What body part gave you the biggest headache? What was your biggest focus?

Shoulders and quads for sure give me the most trouble. Not only is it incredibly hard for me to grow both areas, but I’ve struggled with a reoccurring shoulder injury for almost a year. Now, I just fractured my other shoulder and hurt one of my ankles as well, so it’s going to be interesting trying to gain back the muscle that I’m bound to lose!

Supplementation is essential for our health, muscle gain, etc.… what do you recommend?

Contrary to what the media loves to say, supplements really aren’t necessary in order to reach your fitness goals! Of course, protein powder can help you reach your protein goal, but simply eating high protein whole foods can also do that. I’m a fan of the occasional pre workout supplement and aminos to help with recovery, but other than that I personally don’t take any supplements! Eat for your goals and drink lots of water and you should have no problem reaching your goals.

Any special moments, competitions, fails that made you stronger, and pushed you to go further?

Oh, definitely. I’ve always struggled with my squats and after a few failed attempts at squatting higher weight, it forced me to take a step back and look at my form. I played around with my squat stance and found what was most comfortable and worked for me, and had to kind of start again from the basics. Same thing happened after my shoulder injury in regards to starting from the basics. There’s no shame in lowering the weight to correct and perfect your form! It’ll definitely make you stronger in the long run J

Tips and Tricks for the new fitness lovers?

Go into the gym with a plan! If you can’t afford to hire a coach, you can find workouts on youtube or, but know what you’re going into the gym to do. If you walk in without a plan, it can be intimidating. Know what exercises you’re going to do and how many sets and reps of each.

OK let’s take a break from the gym, what makes you warm and makes you smile, what makes you happy

Healthy Foods Carambolairon vitVegetables

My horses and dogs! In addition to working out and being an online coach, I ride horses competitively in the jumpers. I’ve been competing since second grade and I absolutely love it. Nothing quite like getting on a horse and jumping a four-foot fence. I have two horses as of right now and I absolutely adore them. Caddo is my thoroughbred that I’ve had for over 5 years now, and Ivory is a GIANT Westphalian warmblood that I just got a few months ago. Going to the barn and seeing them/riding is part of what keeps me sane. I absolutely could not imagine my life if I wasn’t an equestrian.

How much sweat and sacrifices has one to do, in order to achieve the goals?

LOTS of sweat!!! As far as sacrifice, depends on your goals. If you’re a lifestyle fitness enthusiast, you can absolutely reach your goals without altering your plans too much! You just have to eat with your goals in mind and make sure you plan time for the gym. Obviously if you’re a bodybuilder, that requires more sacrifice. The majority of people are just looking to improve their health and maybe shed some fat, which is totally manageable.

What is your opinion on a vegan style of life? Supporter or you think its overrated?

I 100% support vegans. If I didn’t have multiple food intolerances and IBS, I would definitely go vegan myself. My personal thoughts on the matter have to do with ethical reasons, not health reasons, but regardless I think it’s great. I’ve tried to cut back on my consumption of animal products but unfortunately I can’t digest black beans, lentils, etc. very well due to IBS and I can’t eat tofu because of a soy intolerance, so going vegan isn’t in the cards for me. I have all the respect in the world for people who are vegan/vegetarian!

How much is nutrition education important to be successful, I’m not just asking about going to college and pick your master in nutrition, what about hours spent in front of the PC, talking with others etc. …

 I think it’s important to have knowledge on what you’re putting in your body! Although I don’t count macros anymore, the time I spent counting opened my eyes to what foods are higher/lower in protein, carbs, and fats than I had expected. You would be shocked at how little people know about nutrition. I once had someone tell me an apple didn’t have carbs. WHAT?! I’m all for eating carbs, don’t get me wrong, but that just goes to show how poorly educated the majority of people are when it comes to health. People think carbs are the enemy and that you should be eating 1300 calories a day, which is just WRONG. Carbs are energy!! I’m less than 5’3” and I eat a solid 2,000 calories a day. Read reputable (key word here) articles and inform yourself. Don’t just go by what you read in magazines. Question people, get answers, and learn the science behind things. Reaching goals does not and should not go hand in hand with starving yourself and feeling miserable.

At the end i wouldn’t add much, accept – Brittany thank you for being who you are.. and promise us one thing, you’ll stay on the road you are, and we all will rejoice on your success.

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