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Last time we had a chance to too feel the vibes of the beautiful Rio. Today we are still in Brazil, to meet with our Fitness Diva, Healthy Life promoter, Actress, TV presenter – You name it, one and the only Gil Jung.


healthy lifehealthy life

  • Hello Mrs. Jung, can you please share some details about yourself?
    • Talk about me in the fitness sense I choose to have a healthy life, I think that beauty comes from the inside out. You have to be a spiritual person. One thing leads to another “healthy mind – insane body “. I think there has to be a balance there is no point in having an incredible body vs damaging your health
  • Living this style of life has sacrifices, what do you most love about it?
    • I do not think a sacrifice leads to a healthy fitness life. It is all about planning and thinking what makes you happier, the result of having a healthy life behind you or the endless treats from day to day … … I choose to have a normal life and the results make me very happy when I escape much of the diet if I’m on vacation or something, so I can compensate with more intense running and training …What makes me love the fitness life is the results that it gives me. Not only that I see a great body in the reflection but also for the healthier life…

healthy life

Healthy Life – Insane Body

Insist Persist Never Give Up

  • We all go by a specialized training program, can you please let us know what Is most important aspect of your workout routine?
    • I think that weight training is essential to gain mass, but I really like functional exercises which has a high caloric expenditure since I always like to be in shape. Aerobics are always present in my practice routine too …
  • Isolation exercise or Complex exercise? What is your judgement on this subject? What should we focus more on, or do we need to combine them, in order to get best results?
    • I try to combine the complex exercises with the isolated, their junction gives an incredible result … remember that the diet is always important for a better result …

“Be thankful for where you are now, and keep fighting for where you want to be tomorrow” – Gil Jung

  • Importance of clean eating is essential. Can you reveal to us your nutrition & supplementation plan?
    • Certainly the food is essential I am focused upon ketogenic diet, that basis of good protein and fat …
      • Breakfast –  4 egg whites and 1 egg yolk with a black coffee
      • Morning snack – 1 green apple
      • Lunch – 250 grams of lean beef and cabbage salad
      • Whey isolated protein – zero carbohydrate with coconut water
      • Dinner – Repeat lunch
      • If I have a desire for sweets, I’ll take 80 grams of avocado with sweetener

healthy lifehealthy lifehealthy life

Gil Jung – Actress – TV Presenter – Healthy Life Promoter 

  • Go hard or Go Home!!! How much sweat, endurance and focus is needed to achieve the goals?
    • I think that, when we do our workout, this time has to be well taken, giving our best, listening to a good music and enjoying the moment, thinking of the outcome whenever it becomes very difficult…
  • We can hear that genetics is the one to blame? Is there such a thing like bad genes or fitness is all about how much effort we put in?
    • I think that genetics counts for a lot, but with working out you can achieve wonderful results. Each one of us has its own kind of beauty that should be appreciated, with workouts and diets. Nowadays you have to use everything, if we are not satisfied in full at the gym, nothing prevents us from seeking other resources to improve what does not pleases us.

Being The Best – Gil Jung

healthy lifehealthy lifehealthy lifehealthy life

  • Being a vegetarian or not? What is your opinion on this subject? Can we achieve a great body mass  without consuming animal products?
    • I particularly like a lot of meat, and I think it is very difficult for a person to get lean body mass without abnormal protein intake in the body, but this is my opinion, based on my body and my lifestyle.
  • What is the pinnacle of your career, what was the greatest moment?
    • I’m enjoying being able to travel to Europe and the United States with my program MultiShow. I now consider a very special moment to be, when I debuted in a movie with my first character, and also did some entries with the great Brazilian actor Tony Ramos for the Globe Television Network. I think every moment of our life has a beauty and are all special, the important thing is not dropping the ball, always stand up whenever you fall …

  • Any words of wisdom for our readers?
    • Insist Persist Never Give Up. Always Fight, take your time, Never Give Up


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