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Through out the years celebrities were struggling to keep them-self in a perfect shape. Until Chrono Diet was found. Here are some good Nutrients that most of the Hollywood celebrities are using on daily basis.

Okra – Lady Ring


Okra or Lady Ring are just some of the names which this, high nutritional vegetable is known by. Although it has been used for a very long time in the people’s diet, in many countries this plant is still barely recognizable. We can’t find lot of articles or publications about okra plant. This is due to the fact that most of the human population is not even aware of its existence, appearance, taste, nor with the healing characteristics that this plant possesses. When its prepared it can be used as fresh, dried, frozen or marinated, while the stems and the leaves of okra are great for making tea. Okra is rich in fiber which is very important for maintaining normal cholesterol levels in the blood.

Its also essential for good digestion and for blood sugar levels stabilization. This healthy food contains polysaccharides that stimulative effect on the body and bloodstream, and thus improves the brain function.  It is also very rich with antioxidants, of which rutin or also called rutoside is very important because it contributes to the strength of small blood vessels and quercetin which keeps the airways and helps to eliminate mucus. According to official researches, it has been proven that regular consumption of this plant can reduce the risk of diabetes and also kidney disease. Given that okra is rich in dietary fiber speeds up the digestive organs.


Horse Meat


When we think of a lean, low – fat meat, that is suitable nutrient to the elderly people diet, diabetics and others who have problems with digestions, we cannot avoid the Horse meat. 100 grams of horse meat contains, 20% of proteins and just 4.8% of fat. When we talk about vitamins we can find B6, B12 and PP, from minerals it is rich in potassium, phosphorus, sodium, iron and calcium. In the culinary world, the horse fillet is especially valuable, because of its softness. The fat parts of the meat are with light color. If they are with yellowish color it means that the meat comes from old animal.We should avoid that kind of meat at any cost, because even after a long cooking the meat stays hard and tough to eat.




Batat is a perennial tropical plant from Slake family. Although often called sweet potato, it has nothing to do with it. Batat originates from Central and South America, and it is massively cultivated and used in Asia, USA and Africa. Usually in the tropic parts of the world it grows as a two-year plant, but in some countries it can be one year growing plant. Тhe middle bolded part of the root and young leaves are used for food.

This plant possesses high energy value, and its rich in starch, and most importantly poor in fat. Batat contains huge amount of beta carotene, which can stimulate the work of the immune system. It is well known by the number of antioxidants that this plant contains. It enhances the brain activity and it has preventive effect on Alzheimer’s disease. This is an extremely healthy food for diabetics and our children and athletes, because it gives extra energy. Nutritionist are highly recommending it for people with elevated fat in their blood and bile. Batat represents a rich source of dietary fiber, which is needed for normal function of the digestive system. Also acts preventively in preventing colon cancer.

Chrono Diet

Ketogenic diet

Chrono Diet

Ketogenic diet

Chrono Diet
Ketogenic diet



Besides the fact that blueberries protect against cardiovascular diseases, the small blue berries slow down aging and help the fight against cancer. They contain huge number of antioxidants compared with other fruits, because they are concentrated in the membrane. Half a cup with blueberries contains same quantity of substance as 5 dishes of beans, broccoli, carrots and apples. The blue color of the fruits comes from the pigment of anthocyanins. Anthocyanins is really important antioxidant in the fight against free radicals – free radicals are attacking and damaging the brain cells. Researches are showing that some compounds found in the blueberries are lowering the level of bad cholesterol in the blood and lowering the risk of some kinds of cancer.

Fructose – fruit sugar

Fructose Chrono Diet

Fructose or usually called fruit sugar is a free carbohydrate. We can find it in fruits and some vegetables, and also even we can find it in honey. Fructose has no high glycemic index which means it does not increase blood sugar levels. Due to this doctors are recommending it for people suffering from diabetes. Given that fructose is sweeter than ordinary sugar, for example about 10 grams of fructose replace 14 grams of sugar. Food industry is commonly using it as an additive. We can find it in a variety of snacks, sweets, bakery products, fruit juices. In Chrono diet fructose is allowed after a period of restriction as an addition to our meals.

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