How to Become Healthy and Fit – Perfect Mindset

Today is the twenty first of November. Just today, many people will decide on how to become healthy and fit. They should start eating healthy, practice some sports, or join the gym. The idea, in our head, that the current year is ending, which represents one unity, one totality – gives us the opportunity to put all the failures behind and send this year in the past with a large piece of cake. We intend to start the new one energized and to rush to the gym with a Spartan force as soon as it opens. Would it surprise all of us if I say that only 20% of people who make these decisions now actually accomplish it? Are you going to be surprised if I say that only 2% of these people fail to achieve their goal and even more so?

How to Become Healthy and Fit – Perfect Mindset

All of us who have not intend to change anything in terms of improving their own health starting from the same starting position. In a race in which we engage, in fact compete with ourselves, so when we reach the destination we should not recognize ourselves in the mirror. A different man is standing up now and at the beginning of the challenge. I’m talking about the process of transformation and a perfect mindset of how to become healthy and fit.

How to become healthy and fit

Many of you who read this article fall into those 2% who fail to make a complete transformation of body and the proper mindset of how to become healthy and fit.  I must congratulate you for that. You did not give up when the weather was bad, you have not given up on minor injury. Nor in the mornings when your body was vulnerable to a pain from previous training. You move one when all others quit. Transformation is a process that does not happens overnight. Transformation needs hard work, discipline and focus. Bodybuilding teaches discipline. Remember when you started and make a difference with the one that is now reading this article and smiles because he or she thinks that this makes it look too easy.

How to Become Healthy and Fit – Perfect Mindset

There is much truth in what we say and feel. More or less, we all feel the same way when it comes to the question “How to become healthy and fit”. Bodybuilding will change us, it will transform us. In a sort of an interesting way it connects our body and spirit, our body and mind. You can’t change your body if you do not change your mindsets and get rid of the bad habits and vice versa. To maintain our focus and concentration is the hardest part. Because of a small failure the biggest part of us will quit.

There is also the crucial role of the personal trainer. She or he should point out the failure or, metaphorically speaking, to show to us the stone from which we constantly trip over. Often personal coach will alter or modify the plan that will guarantee 100% success, if you dedicate yourself 100%. After all, Einstein once said that it is insane to repeat something over and over and to expect different results. What changes with bodybuilding? Certainly, most notably is the change of the body, and it is the easiest to acquire. Be careful you can lose the same thing easily too. What is important in this process is mental transformation that we are going through, in order to learn how to become healthy and fit.



The initial extrinsic or external motivation changes in a long-term intrinsic or internal motivation. In these 2% disciplined and focused practitioners, you will not meet someone will tell you that they value the opinion of others or that they need some kind of an external stimulus. Exceptions are only those competitors who train hard for a competition. Still, potentially, the success that they will achieve, again becomes their inner motivator.


It is noted that a positive self-image, and with it, the confidence is increased for the bodybuilders who continuously are focused in this process. Of course there is that dark side of bodybuilding – bigorexia. Stage where the confidence is continuously decreasing in the process, but for such an outcome there are numerous involved factors. Studies are showing, that confidence grows in both men and women and it greatly improves the image they have of themselves.

How to Become Healthy and Fit – Perfect Mindset


During this long process all the bad habits that we had, gradually eradicate or reduce. Most often it is in terms of proper diet, proper sleep and quality and consumption of alcohol or tobacco. We all know how much we can invest in training after a huge lunch with fast food or after an extended weekend with alcohol (if we can even go to training).

How to become healthy and fit

Focus and discipline

It not by accident that the most successful bodybuilders and other athletes are successful in any business or any other field of interest. Invested years of focused and disciplined work on ourselves in the gym, sets the basis for translating that focus and discipline in any other aspect of our life. See for an example Schwarzenegger, Ronaldo, Beckham, Dwayne Johnson and so on.

Fit body means a fit mind. Each transformation deserves special attention and respect from all of us. All those pictures that we see, are more of Instagram effects and Photoshop skills. Do not look for an excuse and Begin your transformation today. Learn how to become healthy and fit. Subscribe and we can show you how many boundaries we can move with our body and our brain. Remember this, first we quit with our mind, then with our body!!!

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