Being The Best – IFBB Pro Athelete Krista Dunn

Hello Ladies & Gents, today our guest is one Iron Lady – the one and only IFBB Figure Pro Krista Dunn

Being The Best – IFBB Pro Athelete Krista Dunn

Hello Mrs. Dunn, can you please tell us how everything started?

I have actually been in the gym since high school. I competed in bodybuilding back in the 90’s and then “retired” lol. In 2009 someone in my gym suggested I try “figure.” I honestly did not know anything about the division, so I did some research and was curious to see if I would have the discipline to diet for a show again. Turns out I did! It was a small spark that turned into an inferno!! 🙂


May you describe your workout routine?

Of course it all depends on whether I am getting ready for a show or off season, since I am off season I will describe what I am doing now. I do fasted cardio every other morning (sprint bike) for just 20 min HIIT. I am currently doing a 2 training split meaning I train twice a day for example: Day 1: a.m. back, biceps, abs and then return in the eve for hamstrings, glutes and calves. Day 2: I will do back, triceps and abs in the a.m. and return in the eve for quads and calves. Day 3: rest    Day 4: same as day 1 only in reverse and Day 5: same as day 2 only in reverse. I need to work on my quad sweep so this series increases leg training by double.

Let’s put the weights down and talk about cardio, what is your favorite?

I pretty much only use the sprint bike now, it helps with my quad development (I wouldn’t say its my favorite, but it’s effective) I would normally not do cardio in the off season but since we are very focused on my quads and the quad sweep, we are leaving it in.


Favorite recipe, dish, food?

I have started eating buffalo and I really like it. I do different things like make burgers, or spice it like taco meat. Buffalo has such amazing flavor, its a nice change. I also like my steak meals (I’m a red meat fan!) Luckily I do get a couple of beef meals a day on my plan.

We tend to eat fresh food, but of course we need to buy our groceries and keep them in the fridge, what can we find there? ☺

I have a lot of cartons of egg whites, they are so easy to make and I like to eat a couple of egg white meals a day. There is always cooked chicken and beef ready for the entire week. I will pre-cook a bunch of veggies and carbs like quinoa. I also have my stash of fresh ground almond butter; I love that stuff! I like to eat almond butter as my fat along with avocado!

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Aside from Weight lifting, nutrition is essential in this sport, can you reveal your diet plan?

My coach writes my on and off season plan. Currently I am eating higher carbs and a bit lower proteins and lots of veggies since I am trying to add size back after my 7-month prep. I can eat treats (not written into the plan of course) but it is about balance. We deny ourselves for long periods so a treat now and then is much needed!! I never go an entire day off plan, however. The discipline that we have during prep still needs to be present during off season. I prefer to not get too far off of stage ready.


How do you stay motivate?

I stay motivated by looking at my progress pics from previous shows (helps my brain remember what the process is all about) I look at stage shots to remind myself of what the outcome of the 2 a day workouts and fasted cardio will be. I also follow my fellow IFBB athletes as they compete through the season, it motivates me to see my friends succeed. I also thrive on the feedback that I receive from people at the gym or on my social media accounts. I know that I motivate people and I am looked up to, I don’t want to let anyone down!! I set goals and have aspirations that will not allow me to slow down!

Cheat meal, what is your favorite?

I LOVE a great burger (not fast food) and Mexican food!!!! If I get a cheat meal while on prep it is almost always a burger or fajitas!!


Name few favorite exercises, what Mrs. Dunn loves to work out in the gym and why?

I love training glutes/hammies I enjoy pushing the sled, glute bridges and we have a machine called the Derrick that is awesome! I think glutes and hamstrings are a big part of what wins shows and as we get older they are tougher to maintain so I love them because I love how my glutes look, due of all of the hard work I have put in, and I visualize myself on stage. I have created a booty that I never had before so I guess it just makes it fun to put in the work to make them even better!

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