From Karate To Flexible Dietitian – McKenzie Flinchum

From gymnastics through karate to Flexible Dietetics. When it comes to a healthy life Miss Flinchum is the role model that all of us can look up to.

On your website we can read that everything started at the early age. Who recognized your talent, and who signed you up for this incredible journey?

My mom put my in gymnastics right before I turned 3, and I fell in love with the sport. I started karate when I was 6 with one of my younger brothers shortly after our oldest brother started. It looked like fun, so our mom got us involved too. I have grown up in the athletic field, and I couldn’t imagine my life without sports and fitness. I am currently training and competing in competitive CrossFit. 

Best moments and highlights in the world of Gymnastics and Karate?

My fondest memories in gymnastics involved the rigorous training, especially around competition time. It was so fulfilling to see hard work pay off and obtain new high-level skills. My favorite moment in karate happened when I decided to compete again in 2011 after taking 5 years off of competition. I jumped back into hardcore training 100% and dedicated months to building back my fitness and skill level. When I competed that year, I had the most successful competitive season of my life, and I won a spot on the U.S. team to compete at the Junior Pan American Championships in Brazil.


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Being on such a high level probably requires sacrifices, or probably not? How do you find time between the gym, hanging out with your friends, go to party and preparing for the next competition? Can Miss Flinchum reveal her weekly schedule?

There are definitely sacrifices to training and competing at a high level. It requires a lot of balance and time management. Fortunately, I have friends who I train with, so I have a social life while I train too. My close friends and my boyfriend support my goals and understand my dedication to training.

I do not go out much, but it suites me just fine. I enjoy parties occasionally, but I also love relaxing at home with a movie or getting to sleep early, so I never feel that my high level of training interferes with going out or partying because it’s not something that is much of a priority to me. I do however wake up at 4am a few days a week to train before work, and I usually workout again in the afternoon or evenings. For me, training is something I live for and I greatly enjoy.

As a dietitian and personal trainer, my schedule is changing quite often depending on clients. My weekly schedule typically looks something like this:


  • Nutrition and training clients: 7-11am
  • Office work 12-3pm
  • Workout 3:30-6
  • Teach Karate: 6:30-8


  • Workout: 5-7
  • Train clients: 8-10
  • Office work: 10-12
  • Nutrition clients: 1-3
  • Workout: 4-6
  • Teach karate: 7-8



  • Workout: 5-7
  • Training and nutrition clients: 7:30-1
  • Office work: 2-3
  • Workout: 4-6

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  • Workout 5-6
  • Train clients: 8-9
  • Office work and nutrition clients: 10-3
  • Train clients: 5-6
  • Teach karate: 7-8


  • Workout 6-7:30
  • Train clients: 8-10
  • Office work and nutrition clients: 11-2
  • Workout 4-6


  • Workout 6-8
  • Workout 3-4


  • Rest day
  • Teach karate training class occasionally 12-1



 Flexible Diet! What separates your nutrition & training program from the others?

My own nutrition and training program as well as the way I train and counsel my clients is all very individualized. I follow and teach a flexible dieting lifestyle, emphasizing and educating the importance of good nutrition on both overall health and training. As a registered dietitian, I am considered an expert on nutrition, and I am able to personalize my own and my clients’ programs to fit their specific needs and goals.


Weights, Cardio, Body-weight exercises. A good balance and combination of all three can set us towards our goal of reaching the body we always wanted. Can Miss Flinchum describe her combination and workout plan to our readers?

I primarily train at CrossFit, and my teammates and I focus on improving on all aspects of training and fitness. Some days are geared towards cardio, while other days I just do bodybuilding type training and accessory work. I also work on skills that are gymnastics related, such as muscle-ups, handstand push-ups, and other movements on the bars or rings. Some days are focused on weightlifting, while certain days contain a little of everything and conditioning type workouts. . I even swim and run sometimes too, and I make sure to spend a few hours each week working on mobility and stretching.


Proteins or Carbs or Fats? What, when, how? Can you give us a guideline when and what we should eat? What should we have for breakfast? What is the best pre and after workout meal, what is the best to eat before going to bed?

Everybody has different needs, but it is important to get your necessary amounts of proteins, carbs, and fats daily. Protein should be 10-35% of your daily caloric intake, carbs 45-65%, and fats 20-35%. Try to eat lean sources of protein and limit saturated fat. Good sources of fat (unsaturated) include things like nuts and seeds, olive and canola oil, avocados, and fatty fish. Try to choose whole grains as carbohydrate sources, as well as foods like fruits, legumes, and starchy vegetables, which are also very nutritious.

You probably don’t want to eat right before a workout because you could feel nauseous or get a stomachache, but eating an hour or two before will help to fuel your body and keep your blood sugar at a normal level during training. Right after a workout, especially one with resistance training or anaerobic exercise, you need to eat carbohydrates and protein! For dinner or your last meal before bed, it would be best to eat some lean protein, and it is also a great time to increase your vegetable intake for the day! If you plan to workout first thing in the morning before breakfast, you should also have adequate carbs for dinner the night before.

Upcoming competitions & plans for the future!

I am competing in a team CrossFit competition called Wodapalooza in January in the RX division down in Miami. After that, I will be competing in the CrossFit Open, which goes on during the beginning of the year. As for karate, I do not have plans to compete soon, but it is something that I could always pick back up. I currently enjoy teaching and coaching the karate competition team. Even if I do not continue with hardcore training and competition, I always envision my life with some sort of fitness and training involved, even down the road when I am settled down with a family.

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