Ketogenic Diet – How Celebrity Lost 40 Pounds

Ketogenic diet is the opposite of weight gaining. Absolute revolution in losing weight in a healthy way is the ketogenic diet that lately is very popular and common. Many public figures are using this diet.

What actually Ketogenic diet means?

Ketogenic diet, unlike other diets, is not based on reducing calories. On the contrary, the increase in burning of high-calorie saturated fat while reducing the intake of carbohydrates and strictly limited protein intake. In this way,  we are absolutely not dependable on the meals to supplement the body energy. The energy is available from our food intake or from our own fat reserves. Therefore there is no hunger, nor constant need for food, and ѕоу аре feeling fantastic. If you are a fat, you will then use your own fat, but if you just want to eat healthy, you will eat from selected products. It is important to say that this is not a protein diet, but a diet rich in healthy fats and lots of vegetables.

ketogenic dietketogenic diet

Can we really lose 20 pounds in 10 days? And how much is this way of losing weight good for our health?

Within the ketogenic diet there are treatments for fast weight loss that we call non-invasive ketogenesis. Non-invasive ketogenesis is the ultimate treatment for burning excess weight, which in a short time makes substantial and visible results – literally it is possible to lose 20 pounds in just 10 days.

……It is clear that it is not easy to lose those extra pounds, but ketogenic diet is here to motivate and inspire you, how to love yourself and how to do everything out of love……

Non-invasive ketogenic is the fastest way of losing weight, based on the activation of metabolism. In noninvasive ketogenic the body is ensuring energy from fat metabolism, by starting the process of mobilization and beta oxidation of fat, using the synergic action of amino acids and glucomannan. Glucomannan is natural supplement for weight loos that has been approved by EFSA & WFSO – World Food Safety Organization. Just after 24 hrs. our body starts to adapt of using the acetoacetic acid as an energy source. It is important to add that the body consumes as much fat as it needs energy at some point.

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Absolute revolution in losing weight – Ketogenic Diet

Like it or not, there are millions of important metabolic processes that are happening into our body, and all of them are in need of an energy. If we cut the alternative energy sources, and we me make our fat reserves available to our body, the body will meet its natural needs. If during one treatment, the body burns around 10% of the fat, this is because that is the amount of energy that our body needed at that point. Based on this we can say that this is natural and healthy process. It is really important for the person to feel good and to feel no consequences after the treatment.  So far there are NO knows side effects.


What is the essence of ketogenic diet?

Ketogenic diet is a reversible process from getting weight. It is based on completely natural fat metabolism principle. This principle enables the body to feed itself with its own fat reserves.  Obesity is a disease coming from excessive accumulation of fat and does not depend neither of excessive eating nor from poor physical activity. Excessive accumulation of fat and obesity are not depending on disbalance of hormone regulation of the fat and fat metabolism. Fat synthesis and accumulation exceeds fat burning from the fat tissue, and thus fat burning.


With ketogenic diet the body starts to lose weight. With the help of amino acids hormonal regulation of the fat tissue, the body comes to its balance, which is opposite process of gaining weight. During this treatment biochemical parameters of the body are not changed. The body is using its natural metabolism to mobilize and activate its fat reserves and to use them as an energy source.

Here is the Jonah Hill’s experience from the ketogenic Diet

It is true that I was struggling with losing those extra pounds, and thanks to that the whole story developed. At first the ketogenic diet was an experiment for me and my body. I did “my research”, in the field of the fat metabolism, and few ideas came to me. With this so called “experiment” of mine I was able to lose 40 pounds. Ketogenic diet changed my life. As you can read and hear, it did change the life of thousands of people out there. My advice from this experience will be “Fat is health, cut off the carbs.”


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