Mesothelioma Cancer – Learn How To Fight This Cruel Disease

While frequently the acidity of the body is considered as one of the reasons that is causing mesothelioma cancer, most case studies are showing the exact opposite. Quite good example is the Ukrainian physicist and biologist Boris Bolotov, also known as the Ukrainian magician, for a good reason. This doctor has dedicated his life to the science, discovering over 600 patents. Among those discoveries there is his theory for treating mesothelioma cancer.

mesothelioma cancer

His knowledge of the origins and treatment of malignant mesothelioma cancer, differs significantly from other known theories. People’s reactions as always divided – some reject him, while others considered him a genius, whose methods will a foundation, a badrock for the medicine in the future. A future that overcomes cancer, diabetes, heart and other hard treatable diseases.

Mesothelioma Cancer – Learn How To Fight Against This Cruel Disease 

Bolotov’s theory says that, every person has malignant cells. However, the different exposure and factors may  affect the transformation of healthy cells into ominous one. Therefore, it is necessary for every single one of us, to initiate a prevention ,even if the person is completely healthy. Bolotov emphasized the significance of the status of the stomach-intestinal tract because, of it depends our immunity.

Cancer treatment should start precisely with the treatment of the digestive system. Also the amino acid tryptophan is essential for prevention and treatment of malignant diseases – mesothelioma cancer.And while the acidity of the body is considered as one of the reasons that is causing mesothelioma cancer, Bolotov’s treatment against this form of cancer, brings the body into acidic state.

How to recognize the signs of the mesothelioma cancer

We can get the best results in mesothelioma cancer treatment –  this also stands for all the other cancer forms, if we discover the disease on time. There are few signs that can indicate this disease:

  • Weakness and Fatigue caused without any reason
  • Significant weight loss
  • Nodules under the skin – especially in the breast area, neck, armpits and groins
  • blood, mucus, pus and other impurities in the stool and in the urine
  • occurrence of ulcers and wounds that heal slowly
  • prolonged cough
  • voice change
  • pain in the stomach, intestine, esophagus, which does not pass
  • itching, swelling, fever that lasts long – even for a few weeks and months


The unique theory for mesothelioma cancer

Dr. Bolotov considered that mesothelioma cancer cells are similar to some herbal cells. The process of healing the cancer cells, is possible if the body is in acidic state. In order to achieve this state, the therapy is using hydrochloric, sulfuric and acetic acids. It also highlights the importance of iodized salt and seafood, especially for the treatment of thyroid gland.

Drained vegetable leftover cookies

If you ever drained fruits or vegetables in a juicer, you have probably asked yourself: What should I do with the leftovers? At the end, most commonly they will end up in your kitchen bin. Dr. Bolotov is using The so called “leftovers” that we are throwing out, as an ingredient for curing the mesothelioma cancer, along with some other diseases. In order to clean our gastrointestinal tract and to recover from the disease, it is necessary every day, once a day before meals, to take this cookie obtained from extraction of carrotс, potatoс and cabbage.

In the case when a person suffers from mesothelioma cancer, it is best to take three spoons of this so called cakes, obtained from the residue of drained cabbage. The treatment lasts for months. It is important that these dry residue cookies, are not diluted with water, and if you have difficulties with swallowing them, you can use sour cream. When it comes to cancer of the stomach or intestines, it is best not to drink vegetable juice, or in some cases you may drink juice which is slightly salted, but only before going to bed.

mesothelioma cancer

Mesothelioma Cancer – Learn How To Fight Against This Cruel Disease 

This medicine contributes to the:

  • removal of heavy metals.
  • carcinogenic substances and free radicals.
  • repairs the epithelium of the intestinal tract.
  • removes bile acids from the intestine.
  • binds and removes 25-30% saturated fat.
  • lowers the cholesterol levels in the blood.

Advices for mesothelioma cancer prevention

Use dairy products. They contain tryptophan.

Always take care of gastrointestinal diseases. Intestines are part of the immune system, and if they work well, they will identify the intruders in the body. Our defensive mechanism will eliminate them, thus preventing the body from disease.

Use iodized salt. Drink water with vinegar, put one gram of salt on your tongue and let it melt. The usage of salt in the diet and fermented products, for example – pickles, is also important. This will help the stomach to activate the enzyme pepsin, which helps the body to eliminate the abnormal cells.

Tetterwort leaven

For the preparation of this yeast a.k.a. leaven you will need 1 cup of dry or fresh leaves of tetterwort (chelidonium majus), 1 cup sugar, 3 liters of goat whey, and 1 tsp fresh sour cream. You will also need 1 large jar, cheesecloth and 1 stone. Make a small bag out of the cheesecloth, in which you will pour the tetterwort leaves. Put this bag with the Tetterwort leaves at the bottom of the jar and press it with the stone. We need the stone to keep the bag of surfacing up in the jar. Pour the goat whey, sour cream and sugar. Cover the jar with several layers of cheesecloth, and tie it with a rubber ribbon. Let it stand in a dark and warm place for two to three weeks.


Thus obtained leaven, cleans and regenerates the entire body. Use it half an hour before eating. Half cup of this potion, will fully regenerate epithelia of your digestive organs. This leaven eliminates heavy metals and radionuclides from your body. Also, it will carry out the tumor cells i.e. mesothelioma cancer cells, and prevents the spreading of metastasis. This yeast is particularly recommended for residents of areas that have been affected, or people who are exposed to harmful radiation.

Unrefined salt as a home remedy against mesothelioma cancer

We can hear & read that lot of experts are claiming the fact that the lost is a white death, and that it should be used in small portions. However, recent studies, are claiming the opposite. According to the newly conducted studies, we can use the unrefined salt as a remedy against lot of diseases, including cancer. People that are suffering from heart & kidney diseases, rheumatism and asthma, using this salt is not recommended. However, if we are talking about healthy human body, the unrefined salt, can be used in order to strengthen our immune system. It can also destroy the mutated cells of the mesothelioma cancer. Helps in detoxification, and makes our body younger.

Mesothelioma Cancer – Learn How To Fight Against This Cruel Disease 


The usage of this salt is very simple. We need to put a pinch of this spice under our tongue 4 times a day after a meal. Let it melt, do no swallow it. Keep in mind, not every salt is a good one. The usage of the refined salt is not recommended at all, and this is the exact kind that we are using on daily basis. This salt is poor in magnesium and potassium. If we put our body in shortage of this minerals, we can cause really big health problems. However, the lack of minerals is not the only problem. The refined salt is processed on high temperatures – usually above 1100 degrees Fahrenheit.  During this process the molecular structure of the salt, is going to change a lot. This process will make the refined salt unsuitable for substances exchange within our body.

In order to make the recovery process successful, we need to use unrefined salt. However, we must admit that it is not that easy to get this salt today. If we cannot buy this salt, there is of course an alternative. Mixed the salt that you have on your kitchen shelf with lot of herb. This will enrich the salt and make it more suitable for use.


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