Mushrooms for champions – Pro Builder’s Dish

One of my favorite food are mushrooms, and I love them in every form, dish and meal. Because of them I even love pizza, but hey who doesn’t, the Italians made a really great job with it. Yea it’s my favorite cheat meal, but we all have one.

OK so let’s start with one of my recipes, and of course it includes lot of mushrooms. I called this article Mushrooms for Champions with a reason. If you want a healthy dish with lots of proteins in, well this is the article you were looking for. So here it how it goes. Trust me you will love it.

Mushrooms for Champions

Food of the Pro BodyBuilders 

Necessary Ingredients

  • Champignons 500 grams
  • 2 huge tomatoes
  • cottage cheese
  • pickles
  • spinach
  • LOT of herbs – man I love mixing flavors
  • Half a lemon


And this is how it goes.

If necessary clean the mushrooms, with wet towel, don’t wash them, you don’t need to do that. Put them in a deep pan, and turn on medium heat. You don’t need oil. After few minutes you’ll see the water coming out of the champignons and they should be ready in approximately 20 minutes – wait for the excess water to vaporize. Add lemon juice from a half a lemon. When the champignons are at the end of cooking season them. Do not put salt on them at the beginning. You are probably asking why – because that way we will lose all the liquid that is in the pulp. So, we are the very end, put a pinch of salt, garlic powder, coriander, few mint leaves, black paper… you name it, use everything that you have in your kitchen.

Meanwhile in another dish put few handfuls of spinach and let it cook for a few minutes. It will shrink in about 5 minutes or so. Do not add anything.

Now let’s get back to the champignons.  Take 2 big tomatoes and put them in a blender, then pour the blended tomatoes on the mushrooms, turn the heat on medium. Let the water from the tomatoes vaporize, it will take like 20 minutes, more or less. And you are done. If you want extra flavor you can add a bit of butter before adding the tomatoes – but keep this a secret. J

Healing herbs in hessian bags, wooden mortar with chamomile and essential oil on rustic table, herbal medicine.mushrooms-herbs2

Healthy food




So we have the spinach ready, we have the champignons ready.

Get a nice big dish and add the mushrooms and the spinach side by side. Add cottage cheese or any low fat cheese next to them. Add the final ingredient for this dish – the pickles. Bon appetite

Now let’s summarize what we just had on our plate.

Champignons that are high in protein and really low in calories – meaning no sugar nor fat. Word of advice when you consume mushrooms do not eat meat at the same time, this plant is reach enough if proteins. You can mix it sometimes with rice.

Next on the list were tomatoes – a powerful detox, rich in potassium and vitamins A and C. Spinach – do I have to even tell you about spinach, ok I will. It’s considered to be one of the healthiest foods out there. Its rich in chlorophyll which is great antioxidant, great potential with fighting against various diseases, rich in protein, vitamin a, c, b-6, b-12, iron and magnesium. Ok that’s enough for it. So at the end we can say that we just had a great dish, that is HEALTHY, RICH IN PROTEIN AND VITAMINS. Does someone need more?

OK folks that for today – stay healthy and happy till next time

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