Nissan Silvia Spec – Special Event Day 1

Today’s topic the New NISSAN that just arrived. SO Hey Hey Need For Speed Limitless loverz!!! Let me start with this! I will not give you my “exceptional” driving skills nor present flawless driving. I want to show you how to get the most out of the special events, win every car without a sweat & MOST IMPORTANTLY – WITHOUT USING ANY GOLD!!!

Nissan Silvia Spec – Special Event

Ok so, here it is, today we have the NISSAN Silvia Spec R. Honestly nothing special about this car, especially if you are old wolf like me (being Level 100). But it will be nice one to have for the new players. Also, as a bonus you can apply the routine that I have recorded on every special events, regardless if its Street Car or Hyper Series, it works on ALL. How the F*** do I know?

Well because I won all the series that, I started without using a single extra penny nor gold!

So let’s talk about the Nissan Silvia Spec. Nice C.Sport car and somewhere in the middle of its class. Starting PR with is 311 which can go up to 704. This puts the car behind the Porsche 911, Skyline GT-R BNR 32…, but in front of the M3 Coupe, the RX-7 FD. So NEWCOMERS this is NICE TO HAVE IN YOUR GARAGE. The maxed out Nissan Silvia Spec will have total speed of 5895, acceleration of 5280 and nitro of 6750(nothing wild huh?).

Nissan Silvia Spec – Special Event

Ok so lets get with the juicy part.


On all special events day one usually has 5 races without reply races. So what I’ve seen from the most players, they usually have 5 cards, fuels, tickets. Call’em what ever you like! They just go and play all 5 events winning them all and that’s it for the day


Once you played and won all 5 races that’s it, there is no more money coming in, no more loan parts buying from the Special event store – MEANING – you cannot upgrade your car anymore till the next day. So here is the catch.

Find one race – can be the last one of the day, drive it and loose it intentionally, wait for your fuel, race again , loose again. Do this, earn money, buy parts, boost your car!!!

Thank you Thank You no need for applauds!!!! DID I JUST TELL YOU SOMETHING GREAT?

So my ppl that’s my trick 1st 3days of every special event regardless if its 5 or 7 days long do this loose loose TO WIN.

Also be smart do your math, you need 5 hours to have the full tank before next day starts so win the current day and wait for 5 hours to have a full tank for the next day.

ALSO for the replay events, they refresh around 7pm EST! so start your special event in the MORNING if you are in the US, if you are not do the math again!

Anyways here is what I did with my first day below, also there is a bit a show off, of my garage


Here is how i did it on the first day Comment like share !!!



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