No Gym Time? Lets do Yoga Time

Every woman can achieve the look she desires, it just takes some effort and sweat. There are more than a few yoga exercises, that will not just shape your body, it will make you feel much stronger and healthier. Not to mention that will boost your energy and vitality, while maintaining balance metabolism and help to reduce weight

Please get familiar with the exercises below that can be done within the comfort of your living room

Wheel pose

Chakrasana pose, or wheel pose helps stretching your chest, neck and spine and it’s also been effective in curing headaches.
– Lie down on your back and spread your legs slightly higher than the width of your shoulders, then pull them back toward your butt.
– Put your hands above your head so that your fingers are facing the head. Exhale and lift your chest and hips as higher as you can.
– Try to straighten your hands entirely. Stay in this pose for 30 seconds


Warrior pose

warrior pose
Virabhadrasana or also known as a warrior posture can give us the strength and can help us to expand the chest, making it more resilient and more active. It also strengthens your legs and abdomen
– Spread your legs, to be parallel to each other.
– Turn your left foot on the left side for 90 degrees, and the right foot towards inside. Breath out and bend your left knee, while you right leg should remain flat. Raise your hands and place them in the line of your shoulders. Turn your head to the left, looking at your arm wrist
– repeat the exercise eight to ten times, and then switch the leg position, repeating it with bending your right knee


Bow pose

Dhanurasana yoga pose or so called Bow pose is recommended for all of those who have back pain. This exercise helps to stretch the entire spine and shape your breasts.
Lie down again on your stomach, exhale and bend your knees and lift them back towards the head. Try to keep the joints with your hands
Then again slowly exhale and raise your legs and arms upward as far as possible. Your hips and chest should not touch the floor and you will need to maintain your balance with your abdomen. Try to stay in this pose for 30 seconds.


Cobra pose

Side view of young woman doing yoga exercises at the seaside. She is in cobra pose.
Side view of young woman doing yoga exercises at the seaside. She is in cobra pose.

Bhujangasana  cobra pose will increase your lung capacity, stretching the chest muscles, strengthen the abdominal muscles and improve posture.
Lie down on your stomach and breathe deeply. Slowly lift your torso, keeping the lower body on the floor at the same time. Balance with your hand and legs.
Raise your head and look up. Exhale slowly and go back to the starting position. Try to increase the time of the pose with each repetition.

Camel pose

Camel pose
Ustrasana camel pose is really efficient against headaches. It also increases the capacity of the lungs and it strengthens the chest.
Get down on your knees. And keep your quadriceps muscles stretched.
Slowly bend backward and please your hands on your heels. Bend your back and stretch your chest. Your head should be bent toward the floor.
Stay in this position for 30 seconds and then return to your starting position.
Repeat the exercise at least 5 times


Triangle pose

trikonasana (triangle pose)
Trikonasana or better known as the triangle pose, will relax and strengthen the chest, stretch your back and also improve your circulation.
– Spread your legs, turn your left foot for 90 degrees and the right foot for nearly 15 degrees.
– place your left hand on your left wrist (over time you will be able to touch the floor with the widespread hand, if you can’t do it now), and raise your right hand straight above. Your arms should be in line. Make sure your spine and knees are in straight position.
– raise your head and focus your view on your right hand. Repeat the exercise with the other side


For more advanced exercising please watch the video below from one of the BEST USA Yoga Trainers – Serena Tom

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