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From a fatty to becoming one of the hottest personal fitness trainers! Today with us in Being the Best – Life Style Coach & Weight Loss Expert – Mr. Jason Rosel

Mr. Rosell can you please give us more details about your journey. How did everything begin? What made you say “Ok it’s enough”? What pushed you to turn the “new page”?

Growing up I was always overweight and each year I continued to get heavier. I tried playing sports, doing diets, and visiting doctors to lose weight and everything failed. I was diagnosed, like millions of people, with a slow metabolism, among other things. Throughout this time, I was bullied and also dealt with depression for many years causing me to hit rock bottom at the age of 21. I was having a late-night Oreo cookie bender where I dropped a cookie I was eating in bed and couldn’t find it. After searching for a while, I discovered the Oreo had landed on my fat stomach and I hadn’t realized because of all the extra pounds. That was the day I decided to take matters in my own hands.


If we want to get “over the mountain” we need to set our goals. However, sometimes reaching our goals can be hard. What do you recommend, setting 10 minor goals, or just focusing on the end results?

I would suggest writing down all of your goals, both in life and specifically related to health, and put them on a vision board then write down everything you are going to do to achieve these goals. As a matter of fact, I have a free e-book on my website called “The 5 Rules to Burn Fat”. It is a workbook you fill out in with all aspects of your life. It helps you realize that change starts with the mind first, followed by your body.  As I always say, ‘Mind Right = Body Right’.

Jason Rosell – Personal Fitness Trainer – Caliente Fitness

 Personal Fitness Trainer & Fat Loss Expert 

Isolation exercises, Complex exercises. Focus on weights, Focus more on Cardio. Work your abs once a week, work your abs when resting between workouts. All of this can confuse us. What can you tell us about this? Is there a certain, let’s say pattern, that we can follow, or every person is a different story?

For me, I like full body workouts using your own body, as seen in my successful online and celebrity clients I have worked with. I suggest a mixture of full body workouts using your own body weight, along with cardio and abs. Don’t get me wrong, weight training is great and I recommend it, but I suggest my newest workout DVD programs “Caliente Body”, which has three single digital download workout DVD’s that focus on what I just mentioned. They feature 12, 24 and 36-minute routines for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels and are available on

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One of the biggest problems today, if I may call it the disease of the 21 century is the obesity. Although we have millions of diets out there, some of them might work, some of them … well don’t even deserve to be called “diet”. Keto food, or low protein food, 0r carb diet… what kind of diet applies to the most of us, what is the correct balance between proteins, fats & carbs? What should we really avoid or what to consider as our cheat food, few times a month?


I live with the motto “never hungry, never full”. I believe we should always have at least three main meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and in between have two small 100-200 calorie snacks. This keeps your metabolism high while burning a lot of fat naturally. Each meal should have protein, and two of your meals should have veggies, with carbs only for breakfast and lunch. Keep it simple, and get awesome results that last rather than crash diets, pills or powders. My customizable “fat loss food plans” available on my website let you pick and choose from many options on how to eat and when to eat, taking the guessing work away!

Huge myth. Supplements or not? We can hear “Oh my program includes plenty of fresh products and high protein and fiber foods – I don’t need that” or on the opposite “You can never reach that look without them”. What is your opinion and recommendation about this?

The only supplements I recommend are Glutamine after your workouts and BCAA’s during and after your workouts. I don’t really care for any other supplements unless you’re having a protein shake as a snack, and that’s only if you are not able to get your hands or whole foods and are in a rush.

Jason Rosell – Personal Fitness Trainer – Caliente Fitness

 Personal Fitness Trainer & Fat Loss Expert 

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Caliente Fitness –Have fun while dancing 7 Lose weight – as far as we can tell, the only person in the world that created a successful program like this. How did Mr. Rosell came up with this idea?

The program was created as a solution to eliminating boredom while working out by simply adding fun dance workout choreography in between each set. The choreography serves as your active recovery, ensuring you never just STOP while working out, but that you keep moving and most importantly having fun! Additionally, the workouts are incorporated with my original music, being the first singer and trainer to do this. You can find my downloadable music in all online music stores as well as on my site

Best moments in the career! Name few highlights!

I’ve been lucky enough to have a lot of amazing moments in my career. One of the top highlights was becoming a finalist on Jillian Michael’s TV show. I was named one of the top fitness companies in the world for my fun dance music workout programs. It was amazing to be recognized by such a legend in the fitness industry. Another moment I’ll never forget was appearing on Steve Harvey, SNL, and many top national TV shows and magazines. It’s great to be recognized for what I do, especially on platforms with such a large reach. Last but not least, the biggest highlight of my career would be the fact that I was able to change for myself and now I help thousands of people each year, that had given up just like I had, be the best versions of themselves. To me that is the most rewarding!

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Let’s put few words of wisdom for all the people and help them achieve their goals!

If you really want something, don’t just talk about it. Do something about it. Write down everything you want, then write a list of all the things you are going to do to get there. The key is to build structure and then attack. In life, you get what you put out and ANYTHING is possible as I am living proof of, and I encourage everyone to do the same as it saved my life and gave me an awesome life I am proud to live in!

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