Shoulder Workouts – Burn Those Shoulders


Hello Ladies. Today on our “to do list” are shoulder workouts. We are going to focus on hypertrophy and muscle gains. We are going to show 3 supersets, one giant set and one full drop set to really burn those shoulders. Let’s kill it.

Shoulder Workouts – Burn Those Shoulders 

We are going to start with high face pulls. 4 sets of 12 reps. When it comes to face pulls, we want to pull with our rear delts, not with our biceps. When choosing a weight, make sure that is not easy, but you are still able to keep the right form. Make sure that you squeeze hard at the top of every single rep.

Shoulder Workouts

Super Set # 2 – Shoulder Workouts

Rear delt flyes. When it comes to rear delt flyes you really want to focus on that rear delt and not use your back and the same time.

For the dumbbell press, we are going to keep our arms at a 90-degrees angle. We are gonna go all the way up, squeezing that delt, not touching the dumbbells together, and then 90 degrees back down.

For the standing barbell raise, we are going to have our palms facing down. We will need to pick a weight, that doesn’t make us swing, making sure that you squeeze on every rep.


Giant Set  – Shoulder Workouts

Next on our list for today is a giant set. So, what is different about the Arnie Press, is that really puts emphasis on your front delts, and your medial delts. Because, we are rotating our arms, we are getting more range motion.

For the standing side raises, you would like to go up, with a slight bend in your arms and forward. Without a rest continue to do alternating front raises, raising straight up, and back down slowly. At the end of this giant set, on thing is for sure – your arms should be burning. You should feel magical.

Shoulder Workouts

Super Set # 3 – Shoulder Workouts

For our last super set, we are going to move to the cables. For the side raises, you should go a little bit heavier. Typically, you do not want to swing, but let’s keep a slight bend in our arm, swing, and hold at the top. For the upright rows, we’re gonna go all way up, almost at a 90-degree angle, squeeze at the top, and really slowly go back down.

OK, so to end this workout, we are going to do, my personally favorite part. About 4 to 5 drop sets of lateral raises. Your goal should be hitting about 8 to 10 reps for each, but when we get lower in weight, we should do as many as we possibly can. By the time we end this drop set, our arms should be literally on fire.

Feel free to watch the video with the shoulder workouts below!!!

If you have questions about this routine, do not hesitate to contact us via email, our Facebook or Twitter channel. Happy workout ladies!



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