10 Tips For Smart Weight Loss

If you want to get rid of those extra pounds, improve how you look and always stay healthy, you need to make changes in your lifestyle, changes that will have a lasting effect. Remember, there is no magic pill, but there is a Smart Weight Loss!!!

These are the 10 rules that you should constantly keep in your mind:

Breakfast is a must!


The trends of healthy nutrition can come and go, but the breakfast is still required. People who regularly have breakfast, they lose a lot more weight because breakfast starts your metabolism, speeds it up and that way burns more fat.

Fresh food

One of the quickest ways to see and feel the results is to remove processed foods from your diet and start to eat fresh food. Whenever possible, buy whole, natural foods. Once you clean your diet and remove junk food, you will begin to feel major changes. After a few weeks, you will wonder how you were even able to eat the food that you have liked for so long.

Control your portions


Even when you choose healthy foods, uncontrolled eating can sabotage your plan in losing weight without you ever noticing. Learn how to serve it, and how much to eat for any meal and you will succeed in his plan.



When it comes to losing weight and exercising 15 minutes a few times a week is simply not enough. It is our recommendation to exercise between 50 and 60 minutes, six times a week. Do not be afraid of intensive training, the feeling that your muscles are burning and the excessive sweating. Your clothes must not be dry when you leave the gym after a workout, or after a home workout. Not every training needs to be extremely difficult, but it should have such training at least 3 times a week, if you want visible results.

Smart Weight Loss

Our tips can help

Smart Weight Loss

Our tips can help
Smart Weight Loss
Our tips can help

Set mini-goals

As you move through your “journey” to the ideal weight, there is much more to it than a small number on the scale. Set mini goals, such as preparing for a marathon, trying to fit in old, before, tight jeans or using heavier weights. This will give you a lot of confidence and force you to work more and better. You might at first seem like small victories, but absolutely worth celebrating.

Drink more water

smart-weight-loss smart-weight-loss

You will be amazed how many people replace hunger with dehydration. Keep your water bottle full all day. This way you will stop to nibble unnecessary food and hydrate your body. It is best to drink the amount of water according to this calculation – a liter to 50 pounds. Which means if you have 150 pounds you need to drink 3 liters of water. Cold water is a shock to the metabolism, accelerates it by approximately 30%, and therefore you will spend 100 calories more at the end of each day.

Plan ahead

Enjoying your favorite food or candy from time to time, makes an important thing for any weight loss program. Set yourself a day when you will be able to enjoy your favorite candy bar or a meal. Of course, you should not overdo it, this way you will stop thinking about the food you should not eat, and reward yourself for all the effort that you put in throughout the week.

Power exercises

If you think that strength training with weights are not good for your weight loss and that you will become enormous, it’s time to change this incorrect thinking. Power exercises strengthen and build muscles and at the same time are speeding up the metabolism. Maybe the result will not appear on the weight scale – this due the fact that muscle tissue is heavier than fat, but your body will begin to change. Once you start weight training at home, believe us, you will “hook” yourself on them.



Adequate sleep and quality of sleep are important for the maintenance of energy during the next days and during exercise, but it is also proven to affect our appetites. People that have a quality sleep are consuming 300 calories less, compared to people who do not have a quality sleep. Sleeping has great effects on “fat” genes. Go to bed early, and your body will thank you.

Stay positive

When you treat yourself with kindness, you will be able to quickly lose weight and to stay on this road longer. Maintain a sense of humor, laugh as much as possible and do it every day. Every experience will not be perfect, but when you’re good to yourself and you have a positive mindset, the whole story of losing weight will be easier.

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