Sports Supplements & Fitness – When & What To Use

We can divide Sports Supplements in three phases that are around our training:

  • First Phase – Before training (Pre-workout)
  • Second Phase – During training (Intra-workout)
  • Third Phase – After training (Post-workout)


Phase 1 – Sports Supplements Before training

In the past, we noticed supplements produced by certain companies, were extremely strong stimulants. Later were banned by the responsible institutions, due to a conclusion, that these substances that could be found in these supplements are unhealthy. For this reason, most practitioners are reluctant to use these type of supplements.

What should we look for in a pre-workout sports supplement supplement?

Cognitive improvement – the best way to do that is consuming the dose of caffeine. This can also help with reducing a body fat and increasing strength if we use a dose of 250-500 mg of caffeine.

Capacity of reduction of lactic acid – Beta alanine is an excellent supplement due to its effect of keeping the PH levels intact. This also, increases performance in the range of 60-240 seconds range that is ideal in the repetitions and training intended for hypertrophy. This helps in a rapid recovery and growth of lean muscle mass.

Increase strength – Creatine monohydrate is a perfect supplement for increasing strength because of the ability to rapidly produce energy to improve muscle cells work.

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Stage 2 – Sports Supplements During Training


Supplements that are used during training, can range from supplements containing carbohydrates to amino acids to electrolytes, depending on the purpose and the training stage that we are. The performance also depends on what kind of sports supplements we use when we exercise. For those dealing with bodybuilding, they would have greater benefit if they use a supplement that contains carbohydrates, because the body is more likely to use it as a nutrient source for energy, as opposed to someone whose goal is to reduce body fat. When you train with high intensity, you may notice that the energy levels can be significantly decreased while exercising. To avoid this problem and to increase your performance, you should use a supplement containing carbohydrates. Overtime, this process will lead to improved performance and power, and thus improve our body composition.

For those whose goal is to reduce excess weight, it is important to keep acquired muscle, avoid catabolism and continuously reduce excess body fat. To accomplish this, you must avoid big catabolic reactions while you exercise. Although catabolism appears when you train, if you minimize it, it will have great effects. For that, you need a supplement that will contain key amino acids (BCAAs) and other amino acids that will prevent the negative effects of catabolism.

Those who require increased performance while practicing sports, need to consume electrolytes and carbohydrates. This will compensate for what is lost through sweating and intensive training. Increased amount of electrolyte will also reduce the chance of muscle spasms. Eating (fast) carbohydrates will prevent wastage of glucose and maintain surplus levels of performance. Good recommendation is Isotec from Scietec Nutrition. This product offers all these ingredients in a great ratio, combined in a single supplement!


Phase 3 – Sports Supplements After training

The most important element of what we need to consume in post-workout phase, is any source of protein. Whey protein has the fastest rate of absorption of all kinds of protein. It is recommended as the primary choice for post-workout. Protein is an important macro-nutrient that our body needs for recovery and repair of muscle tissue. Besides protein, cautious consumption of carbs is needed, because this is a macro-nutrient compensates for the lost energy.

Consume supplement that has a high protein content per dose. Also key amino acids that are responsible for reducing the catabolism and speed up recovery as BCAA and glutamine. Gold Standard by Optimum Nutrition contains 24 grams of protein per dose of 30 grams, 4 grams’ glutamine and 5.5 g of BCAA.


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