Being The Best – Melissa Sarah Wee

From Rio to Miami, from the City of Angels to Singapore, today our guest in Being The Best is the Brilliant, Impressive Lady Miss Melissa Sarah Wee.

Being The Best – Melissa Sarah Wee

How did everything begin, the moment that inspired you, the spark?

I picked up training at the gym when I was 18 after being hospitalized for bulimia. I have never stopped lifting weights since then and it has been 14 challenging BUT wonderful years.

Let’s hear about Miss  Wee workout routine

I train my legs twice a week and on the other 3 days I train my delts, chest & arms, back individually.


Beside the weightlifting, from time to time we need to do cardio – whether we like or not? What is Miss  Wee favorite cardio exercise?

I am not a big fan of cardio but I do it because I have to. I usually use the Octane Lateral X trainer. I’d love to do the stair master but my gym does not carry that machine


We all have a favorite dish, food, what is yours?

I love bread. Especially sour dough. It’s not part of my diet but if I have to pick a favorite food, it would be sourdough bread.

Fresh food is essential for our health, what can we find behind your fridge door?

Chicken breast, fish, eggs, different types of cheese (bleu, brie and cheddar) and turkey bacon.

Diet – nutrition program, can Miss  Wee reveal some of it?

My diet changes from time to time. It depends on my goal for that season. If I am competing, then I have a specific diet that I follow. If I am off season, I follow a nutrition plan too but it’s slightly less strict than my contest prep nutrition plan.

One of the hardest things in the world of bodybuilding & fitness is to stay motivated, as everything can easily go down the road if we are not, how do you manage that?

Training has become a part of my life now. It is NOT my life, but it is a huge part. Therefore, it has become 2nd nature to me. For example, I don’t need to remind you to breathe because it is 2nd nature to you to keep breathing. It’s the same thing for me and training, I just do it.


the best

OK we had our diet plan, our workout routine, but we all want to relax with some cheat meal – maybe two!

If I’m off season I have a cheat day (not cheat meal.) once a week. When I’m in contest prep, I have a cheat day once in 2 weeks.

Favorite exercise?

I love doing deadlifts because it’s the purest form of strength. It’s also a very effective exercise to pack on overall muscle mass and strength. Another favorite would be the hip thrust. It’s the reason why my glutes look the way they do, not from squats but from heavy hip thrusts.

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