The Rise of Titans, people who never said NO

Many of us tried to accomplish tier goals on our own…. But sometimes we need someone in our corner to guide us to make us stronger to make us believe and achieve the next level that we’ve been struggling to do for so long… It’s not a shame to admit that we need support, it’s a shame to quit… Because no one made something in life by sampling quitting when it was difficult. Here those 5 guys and girl who never said NO and helped to lots of us be become what we are today

Arnold Schwarzenegger – GREATEST OF ALL


If someone knows how is to fail and raise back to the top its Mr. Schwarzenegger. He started his journey at the age of 15 and wanted to become the BEST, wanted to become Mr. Olympia. He enrolled this competition first time in 1969, and failed, losing to the reign Champion Sergio Silva.
But did he quit, HELL NO. he came back the very next year and won the completion, becoming the youngest Mr. Olympia ever. Yes, folks Mr. Olympia when he was only 23 years old. After that we all know the story. Seems that he didn’t use the phrase “I’ll be back” for the first time in Terminator. He lived that phrase that 1696 and got back year later proving he is made of steel.


Joe Weider


If there is someone out there who does not know who this guy is well he is THE FATHER of our world. Man who created Mr. Olympia contest. Man who gave so much in the Supplement industry and promoted Heathy way of Living when no one didn’t even know what that means.
In 2006 he received the Venice Muscle Bench award, of course presented by Arnold, who was Joe’s protégé.


Bill Philips

bill philips

Mr. Philips is the one who wrote the most famous fitness book “Body for Life – Twelve Weeks to Mental and Physical Strength”. He joined bodybuilding world at the age 18 back in 1982. His supplements line is also very popular. Watch the video below for the 12-week training called Back To Fit


jack lalanne

If we want to talk about leaving a long and healthy life, we cannot bypass the name of Mr. Jack LaLanne. He left our world back in 2011 at the age of 96. He created and designed lots of bodybuilding machines that we are using today. We all know the Training to Failure routine, well this gentleman invented that also. He was known to work out with weights until it was impossible for him to go on with the training and was moving from one exercise to another without a rest. Please visit WIKI’s website for more info on Jack LaLane

Jennifer Nicole Lee

jennifer nicole lee

Last in this list, but trust me, way more valuable than the most of the instructors out there. The Named Muscle & Fitness Magazine 2006 and the BSN ambassador, but she wasn’t that perfect when she started. So lets go and read something from the INTRO chapter “girl who never said NO”. Jennifer was 200 pounds when she started with fitness. But her dedication and hard sweat work made her MISS BIKINI AMERICA in 1996. From that point her carrier started going up and in 2004 JNL inc was founded by her. She published lots of books and lunched Fitness Model Factory in 2011.
If you want to know more about Mrs. Lee’s published work please follow this link

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