Tight budget and Body like a Pro

Supplements are important you’re not always going to be able to put enough food in your body, and everything that your body need. Especially with proteins, sometimes during the day, we don’t have enough time to get a proper meal. It’s something lot of people don’t know about, and I think definitely supplements are something you will need to have in your plan. Keep in mind supplements will never replace clean eating and beast mode training, however they are really important for anyone who is looking to be bigger, faster, stronger and most importantly being on a tight budget. For an example if you are in college you are on a fixed and tight budget and picking up the best supplements becomes even more critical. So I’m here to help you out picking up the best supplements for building up muscle without breaking any banks.

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 In this class we will be covering:

  • Most important supplements for overall health
  • Performance supplements that will help you reach your goals faster
  • When to take these supplements
  • And of course few tips to buy these supplements whey you are on a tight budget.

I came up with 6 most important supplements out there, for you to take. These six products are broken up into 2 stacks.



The first is the fundamental stack, which includes whey protein, multi-vitamin and fish oil. Whey protein is essential in this program, because you are going to working out a lot, and you will need something to “repair” those muscles, that were damaged in the “weight room”. To do this is extremely difficult to eat the amount of protein that is necessary.

Your goal will need to be 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. For an example if you are 200 pounds you will need to hit 200 grams of protein. The way we accomplish this is by supplementing a whey protein powder. A couple of things to look for in a whey protein powder, make sure it has low cholesterol, its low in sugar, and low in fat. When reading the label make sure that whey protein isolate, is the main source of protein. Just make sure that, that whey protein isolate is a number one on the list.

Tight budget and Body like a Pro

Looks like from Sports Illustrated 

Tight budget and Body like a Pro

Looks like from Sports Illustrated 



The second supplement in our supplemental stack is a multi-vitamin. Now multi-vitamin is often overlooked but I can’t stress the importance of it enough. For an example when you are in college, in class you will need all the minerals and vitamins you can get. Remember it’s not enough to get carbs, proteins, fats, you need minerals and enzymes to help you digest, all that food you will be eating.



The third supplement in our fundamental stack is fish oil. Fish oil contains EPA and DHA, which are 2 essential fatty acids, meaning our body does not produce them.  We have to get them from and outside source such as salmon or other fatty fish.  The problem is you are in college you are on a tight budget, you don’t have salmon on hand, or you may even not like fish. And this is why supplementing with fish oil is really important. It’s great for mental accuracy, for hormone production and for overall health. We can get it in a pill form, it’s very easy to take, and we don’t have to eat the fish but we are still getting all the benefits from it.



Now comes the 2nd part. IF your budget allows for it and everything else is checked it is time to graduate on my program, using the second stack. In this stack I included creating, a natural energy booster and casein. The first product in the list creatine, is the most studded product out there. If you want to know everything important about it read my article dedicated to creatine only. I personally use creatine monohydrate and the reason I use it, is because when I’m working out, whether is high intensity sprints or weight lifting I’m using ATP or the body’s main source of energy when doing short intense repetitions or interval training. Doing this is really easy to see why creatine is important. Its gonna make you stronger.


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The next product in this stack is a natural energy booster. I’m not a big fan of pre workouts and I’m not going to recommend one in this stack, but I will recommend a natural energy like green tea or a coffee extract. This gives you a nice energy and won’t let you crash. Sometimes you need a pick me up, but what you don’t want is blocking your body’s feedback loop.  One thing I never do is load up on a stimulant if I don’t have to.


 The third product I recommend in this program is casein protein. Casein protein is great to take if you are going to on a long period of time without eating anything. It will be seating down in your stomach, breaking down slowly feeding your body with amino acids, keeping you off going catabolic. Now when you know which products to take, let’s talk about when to take them


Something like a fish oil or a multi-vitamin can be taken with your meal. Three times a day is what usually labels are saying, and I recommend following those labels. Next stop whey protein. Now, whey can be taken upon wakening, as our body is in need of that protein, or just between meals, if we can get something that is solid. Post workout is a crucial time to get whey protein because you’ve just gone through super intense workout and your muscles need that repair and growth that protein gives it.


You have 15 to 45-minute window to get that extra protein in there.  Creatine is something you want to look on the label. Some creatine called for a loading phase. Now this can be done over course of weeks or course of days. So it’s best to really look at the product, study it and go from there. But after that loading phase, whether is a week or 3 days, the dosage is usually lowered to a maintenance level.

Casein on the other hand, is a great product at the end of the day. Right before you jump into bed, or if you go on a long period of time, without eating anything. Natural energy boosters can be taken pre workout, or anytime of the day when you are really dragging. I always try to get them usually when I wake up, to get going, and if your natural energy product contains branch chained amino acids or BCAA feel free to take it after your workout as well. Here’s few tips to make your supplements last longer.


In college when you are on a tight budget, you don’t have money to blow on everything, look on the net for great deals, buy 1 get 2. Next is buying in bulk, if you know that you’re going to take the same protein for the next few months, buy a 10-pound bag, instead of the 2 pound. And lastly if you must, cut the servings in half, it is not something that I recommend doing all the time, but it’s better than nothing.

I’m now giving you the supplements that you are going to use to succeed. Your all very holistic approach that will help to create overall balance and health to your college experience. Supplements are there just to do that. Supplement proper nutrition and a great training.

Remember to keep things in balance. Never become overly dependent on supplements, to get you through a workout. Supplementation is a big part of staying healthy. You’ll definitely feel more focused. Even if you go a while without eating, you can take some BCAA that can kind of help anti-catabolism. The name says it all, supplements are strictly to supplement things, that you don’t get enough of it in your day and diet.

Supplements are great in helping with growth and recovery and much more, but they will never replace hard work motivation and proper nutrition.

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