Weight Loss Program – Choose The Best Diet

When we are choosing a weight loss program, bad decision can lead us to frustration and stress. Not to mention it can cause serious health problems. Take your time and choose a smart way to lose weight, and we will show you exactly how to do it.

weight loss program

Decide how much weight you want to lose

One of the tools that can gives a good insight, and helps us to determine how much weight to lose, is the Body-mass index. We can calculate the index really easy. There are lots of calculators on the web, so use your search engine and type BMI, it is that easy. Our weight is considered normal, if our body-mass index is between 18.5 and 25. If BMI is between 25 and 29.9 – we have some extra pounds, and if the BMI number is less than 18.5 you should gain weight not lose some.

Calculate how much time you want to spend for losing weight

We highly recommend, that a person should not lose more than 2- 4 lbs per week. In this way, we will not damage our health. According to this, select a date by which you need to reach your goal. Let the deadline be your motive for dieting.

Your Weight Loss program, should last for at least a month

Do not try to follow diets that promise quick results and weight loss for 5-7 days. As a rule, these diets have a yo-yo effect – the weight comes back, often even more than you lose.

weight loss programweight loss programweight loss program

Plan what are you going to eat, once you are done with the weight loss program

Note that a return to old eating habits is not an option. Upon the completion of the diet we must take into account our future nutrition program.

Try to eliminate the negative nutrition habits

For an example, you can strictly forbid yourself from sugar intake during the night. Forget to use sugar with your tea, don’t buy semi-finished products nor fast food.

Eat more food during the morning and afternoon hours – for breakfast and lunch

Don’t forget to activate your metabolism during your breakfast 

weight loss programweight loss program

The most efficient weight loss program is always followed with exercise

If you really want to lose those extra pounds, you will need to find a time for physical activity, at least two times a week.

The New Your Weight Loss Program

If you are bored with strict weight loss programs, which you cannot follow till the very end and if you are ready to try something new to help yourself, read on …The weight loss program that we are going to explain further is a diet that comes right from New York. It is based on eating and consuming food only when needed, without great sacrifices. The most important thing is to be physically active, which you probably already know.

Here are the rules of this super diet:

weight loss programweight loss programweight loss program

– Do not starve. Always have nuts or diet crackers near you or at your home. If you are starving, there is a great chance that, for your next meal, you will eat more than you can.

– Previous thesis is closely in relation with this one: do not eat too much. Take into consideration that the amount of food you need to eat is equal to the size of your palm.

– Eat only when you are really hungry. Sometimes the sound of our stomach can mean that we are dehydrated. Drink a glass of water, and if you are still hungry after that – it’s time for a meal.

– Consume food that makes you feel good. You can always visit your nutritionist and do a test for food intolerance.

– We need to avoid so called “white food” by any cost. Using whole-grain foods and cereals, such as those that have a high protein content, is really important.

Weight Loss Program – Choose The Best Diet

weight loss programweight loss program

– Staying physically active also has a huge impact. Try to exercise at least three times a week for one hour.

– Have your meals based on simplicity. As long as our choice is simple, it will be easier for us to choose the right meal.

– Each meal should contain vegetables. The more vegetables and colors – the better!

– It is important to listen and know your body. Whenever you are really hungry – eat something, even if it is passed “the time” for the last meal. The important thing is to get a hold of some boundaries and wisely choose the food that you eat. The same goes for candies. If you are a craving chocolate or pudding, take a little amount of it, in order to reduce your craving.

– Fast food and soft drinks completely remove from your diet.


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